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Overv​iew of Project

This project will develop a comprehensive research administration system to:
  • Increase efficiency of  electronic processes 
  • Provide greater transparency  in review/negotiation process
  • Provide better integration with other research administration applications
  • Improve quality of data and reporting tools
  • Allow for electronic document retention
  • Improve compliance with Federal regulations, sponsor requirements and UI policies

Visions & Goals

The vision of the pre-award project is to redesign UIRIS and associated DSP business process software to improve transparency, decrease administrative burden, increase efficiency and customer service and effectively deliver DSP research information via the UI Research Portal.

Key Principles

  • Existing modules will be transitioned to UIRIS3 with significant redesign and/or improvements to features and functionality
  • Projects will be prioritized to provide the most significant benefit to campus and DSP users
  • Programming in current system will be ordered to fix existing bugs, provide immediate efficiencies to current process, and develop/test features to be transitioned to UIRIS3
  • New programming will be integrated, whenever possible, with other  UI systems and the Research Portal to reduce duplicative data entry and administrative burden
  • Key metrics will be collected as a function of the system, reducing  manual data entry
  • Standard and customizable reports will be developed for college/department/individual use
  • User friendly reporting tools will accommodate UI and public (non-UI) requests for information


Information Technology Advisory Committee in the Office of the Vice President for Research 

Project Team



April 2012 – July 2012 – Alternate paper routing

  • Allow proposal routing forms to be routed with paper and ink signatures under special circumstances
  • Allow proposal routing forms in workflow to switch to paper routing

July 2012 – September 2012 – Document Archive

  • Improve archiving of documents in the contract log
  • Add document archiving functionality to the proposal routing form log

August 2012 – December 2012 – Data analysis and modeling project

  • Review of information captured through DSP forms
  • Standardization of field names and use
  • Determining system of record for information

October 2012 – March 2013 – Non-monetary routing form

  • Transition existing non-monetary form to new format similar to the proposal routing form
  • Improve data capture and storage
  • Introduce electronic routing to the process

March 2013 – October 2013 – Consolidated grant and contract logs

  • Consolidate contract and proposal routing form tracking systems
  • Increase transparency to research community

Additional work in 2013 and beyond

  • Electronic review and negotiation workflow
  • External sponsor report monitoring
  • Award notification and integration
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Grant Accounting Office
Conflict of Interest in Research Office
Human Subjects Office
Office of Animal Research
Environment Health Services
Research Information Systems

Feedback / Comments

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