IRB Advisory Board


research participant

The Advisory Committee is composed of faculty who serve as "Communication Liaisons" between faculty, staff and students in their respective colleges who conduct human subjects research and the Institutional Review Boards/Human Subjects Office (IRB/HSO) that review, approve and monitor such research. 

IRB Advisory Board's responsibilities



Ann Marie McCarthy, Committee Chair

Tom Rietz

Clark Stanford

Elizabeth Constantine

Tom Schnell

Sheldon Kurtz

Michael O'Hara

Edith Parker

Dan Vaena

Bernard Sorofman

Fred Wolinsky

Ex Officio Members

Andy Bertolatus, IRB-01 and IRB-03 Chair, and Executive Director, Human Subjects Office

Janet Williams, IRB-02 Chair

Michele Countryman, Assistant Director, Human Subjects Office

Jim Walker, Institutional Official and Associate Vice President, Office of the VP for Research & Economic Development

Grainne Martin, Deputy General Counsel, Vice President for Legal Affairs

Meeting Dates