Past Award Winners

Faculty Awards Vicki Grassian
Vicki Grassian

Scholar of the Year Award


Faculty Awards Witold Krajewski
Witold Krajewski

Leadership in Research Award


Faculty Awards Ed Folsom
Ed Folsom

Creative Distinguished Achievement in Research Award

Faculty Awards David Cwiertny
David Cwiertny

Early Career Scholar of the Year Award


Faculty Awards Mary Cohen
Mary Cohen

Distinguished Achievement in Publicly Engaged Research Award

Staff Awards

Staff Awards 2014
Rosemary Stratton

Distinguished Research Administrator Award

William Kurth

Distinguished Research Professional Award

Student Awards

Student Awards 2014
Rebecca Fagan

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Research Excellence Award



Distinguished Research Administrator Award
Lori Bassler - Research Administrator for the Department of Internal Medicine and the UI Cardiovascular Research Center

Distinguished Research Professional Award
Diane Cryderman - Research Associate in the Wallrath Laboratory, Department of Biochemistry