Updated Information on CDC Grants During the Government Shutdown

Fri, Oct 04, 2013


Dear CDC Grantee:

The Government Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 ended on September 30, 2013 and an Appropriation Act for FY2014 has not yet been passed.  While awaiting resolution we are working to provide you with updated information related to execution of contingency plans.   Information contained in this letter supersedes the letter dated 27 September 2013.

Although an Appropriation Act has not been passed, awardees of active CDC grants and cooperative agreements should continue with their planned grant- related activities. However, due to federal furloughs, certain grant-related administrative functions and tasks must be suspended or modified for most, but not all, CDC grants and cooperative agreements. The following guidance provides the most up to date information regarding the administrative management of most CDC grants and cooperative agreements.

1. Progress Reports: All progress reports due during the funding lapse will be delayed.  eRA Commons is not available for those who submit reports electronically and no CDC staff are available to receive paper reports.  Please hold submissions until eRA Commons is back online or CDC staff have resumed operations.

2. Notice of Awards (NoAs): CDC is unable to generate Notices of Award (NoA) during the funding lapse.  Awards that were processed before the funding lapse that include an issue date during the lapse will not be sent to grantees on the issue date.  Once operations resume all pending NoAs will be sent.  This will not affect the start date nor the issue date of these awards; it just affects the date the award document is actually sent to the grantee and available for access in the eRA Commons. In accordance with HHS Awarding Agency Grants Administration Manual (AAGAM), Section 2.04.104B-3, Project Period System, Paragraph 1, a, 4, in the absence of actually receiving the NoA, organizations may use pre-award costs authority at their own risk, for up to 90 days prior to the beginning of the project period.  

3. No-cost Extensions: The eRA Commons will not be accessible during the funding lapse. Further, no-cost extension requests cannot be submitted via the Commons once the expiration date of the grant/cooperative agreement has passed.

Requests for no cost extensions for grants/cooperative agreements expiring during the lapse in appropriations may be considered on a case-by-case basis for excepted programs only (see list below).  If granted, a letter signed by a Grants Management Officer will be provided and the NoA will be provided when the lapse in appropriations is resolved and systems are operational.

4. Prior Approval Requests and Other Communications: CDC extramural employees will have no access to voice mail, e-mail, fax, or postal mail during the funding lapse. We recommend holding all prior approval requests and other communications until operations resume.

5. General Access to eRA Commons and Other OER-Supported Systems: The eRA Commons will not be accessible during the funding lapse. Therefore, no user will be able to access the Commons for viewing electronically submitted applications, accessing Internet Assisted Review, or processing such actions as Commons Registration, FSRs/FFRs, xTrain documents, Closeout documents, and/or FCOI notifications etc. Further, there will be no ability to access Commons for query or other purposes.

6. Access to HHS Payment Management System (PMS): 

For the duration of the funding lapse, the HHS PMS will be operational.   Drawdowns (payments) on accounts can be processed as long as no Federal staff action is required to finalize the payment. For most CDC grantees, this means drawdowns should be possible. If an online payment request does not have any PMS edits, it will go through (both excepted and non-excepted programs).

For payment requests that hit PMS edits:

            Sub Accounts (P-Accounts) - if excepted program payment will be made

Pooled accounts (P and G accounts) - If excepted, program payment will be made.  If non-excepted payment request will be rejected


7. Direct Assistance (DA)

Federal staff assigned to your grant or cooperative agreement through Direct Assistance must coordinate with their Program Office and Management Official to confirm whether they should report to their non-CDC duty locations.



CDC may be able to perform more expanded administrative functions for the grants and cooperative agreements listed below.  Requests will be managed on a case- by- case basis and will be coordinated centrally by PGO. Requests for assistance on these grants/cooperative agreements should be directed to Glynnis Taylor (770.488.2752, GTaylor1@cdc.gov) for domestic awards and Steward Nichols (770.488.2788, SNichols1@cdc.gov) for international awards.



  • Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program
  • Energy Employee Illness Occupational Compensation Program Act (EEIOCPA)
  • Childhood Obesity Demonstration Project (ACA)
  • Health Prog. Grants Related to Environmental Health Hazards - Libby, Montana - (PPHF) (ACA)
  • Global Health - International HIV AIDS/GAP
  • World Trade Center (WTC) Program Health Fund - New WTC Annual Year Symbol