Dan Reed, Vice President for Research and Economic Development

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About VPR&ED

The position of Vice President for Research & Economic Development (VPR&ED) provides central leadership to the University’s research, scholarly and creative programs, in addition to economic development. Working collaboratively with faculty, staff, and students, the Vice President for Research and Economic Development:

  • champions and facilitates research, scholarship, creative and entrepreneurial activities, and fosters their excellence
  • strengthens relationships with public and private agencies and corporations that provide support for research and scholarly endeavors
  • enhances relationships with community partners
  • assures the integrity of the research enterprise
  • advances the role of the University in economic development and technology transfer, and
  • oversees the formulation and implementation of research-specific policies related to regulatory compliance and intellectual property management.


Building the 21st Century Iowa: Dare Mighty Things

Basic Research

Building a 21st Century Iowa Economy


Tue, Feb 11, 2014 -

Dan Reed will deliver a guest presentation titled Technical Computing: Past, Present, Future.

Thu, Jan 23, 2014 -

The University of Iowa is working to build the first of what it hopes will be a series of “engagement centers” across the state staffed with people trained to work with communities and businesses to help them be successful. (Story from the Press-Citizen)

Mon, Aug 19, 2013 -

Dan Reed visited Iowa Western Community College and Western Iowa Tech Community College, among others, to discuss the university's role in helping economic development in western Iowa. (Story from the Omaha World-Herald)