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NIH National Institute on Aging (NIA)  

Programs include: Div. of Aging Biology; Div. of Behavioral and Social Research; Div. of Neuroscience; Div. of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology; International Activities  

NIH National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders

Includes Bioengineering Research grants
                Cognitive Neuroscience (Deadlines in August and January)
                Perception, Action, and Cognition (Deadlines in February and August)
CDC’s Prevention Research Centers Health Aging Research Network assist in the development of a national research and dissemination agenda related to the public health aspects of healthy aging.  Research Agenda/Areas for Health Promotion: physical activity; nutrition; tobacco and substance abuse; self-management skills for behavior, chronic disease management, medication use; awareness of clinical preventive services; social engagement; disease and geriatric topics.
The Administration on Aging previously funded programs in fraud protection; strengthening the aging network; information, counseling and access to affordable care; nutrition; Alzheimer’s Disease supportive services; reaching Hispanic seniors; civic engagement technical center; support for states to develop/deliver evidence-based disease prevention; lifespan respite care; consumer protection technical resource center; resources for women and retirement planning; statewide legal assistance; pension counseling; Eldercare locator.
RFP relevant from 2010 was Research on Violence and Victimization across the Life-Span.

American Bar Assn. - Commission on Law & Aging

Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program and American Political Science Assn Congressional Fellowship Programs; John Heinz Senate Fellowship in Issues of the Aging

The department's mission is to encourage successful living among older Iowans.
Priority areas:  Academic Geriatrics and Training and Integrating and Improving Services.
The Osher foundation sponsors Lifelong learning Institutes
Relevant program areas include Health Coverage; Human Capital-preparing health professionals, healthcare workers, health policy research; Pioneer program supports innovative ideas in health or healthcare; Public Health; Quality/Equality committed to quality of healthcare; Vulnerable Populations Atlantic Philanthropies
The Ageing Programme focuses on : improving economic and health security through advocacy and policy strategies; strengthening the voice and social action of older people for social justice; building a more enduring capacity of the age sector.
The Leadership in Aging Fellowship seeks applications from a broad range of disciplines related to the field of aging including, but not limited to, the medical, biological and basic sciences, nursing, social sciences, the arts, and humanities.
Supports projects focused on advocacy, research, or education and training. 
Supports independent research on health and social issues and makes grants to improve health care practice and policy.
Supports education and research in aging through fellowships to graduate and undergraduate students
Ellison's aging research program supports biomedical research on aging. Scholar awards, Infrastructure awards to support community-wide resources to benefit a broad spectrum of researchers, conferences and workshops.
EMF Senior Scholar in Aging Award Program: The EMF Senior Scholar program is designed to support established investigators working at institutions in the U.S. to conduct research in the basic biological and basic biomedical sciences relevant to understanding lifespan development processes and age-related diseases and disabilities.
The society supports biology research, education and careers.
Focuses on Alzheimer’s disease, mental fitness, civic involvement and public awareness of age-related issues.
Grant types include: pharmacological strategies; new investigators; investigator-initiated research grants; senior scientist grants; conference grants; technology for individuals with Alzhermer’s.
Includes arthritis, bone health, cancer, pain, continence, diabetes, heart disease, infectious disease, kidney disease, mental health, neurologic health, oral health, vision, medication safety, general health, minority health; as well as health and aging agencies/institutes.
Promotes biomedical aging research.
The largest organization of multidisciplinary professionals in the field of aging. Our resources, publications, and educational opportunities are geared to enhance the knowledge and skills of people working with older adults and their families. Religion, Spirituality and Aging Award; Business and Aging Award; Healthcare and Aging Award; Mental Health and Aging award; graduate student awards.
Areas of interest relevant to aging: Computers and internet; economic policy; family financial security; health and safety; media and journalism; public opinion; religion and public life; science; state policy and performance.
The mission, through education, research and service, to help improve the quality of life for elderly people, including those who are poor or otherwise isolated by lack of education, language, culture, disability or other barriers.
Enables junior scholars in demographic and aging research to sharpen their analytic skills, learn to communicate research results effectively, and advance their research agenda. Housed within RAND Labor and Population, the program blends formal and informal training and extensive collaboration with distinguished researchers in a variety of disciplines.
Research on employment issues relevant to labor market in the recent recession and current recovery.
Provides leadership to healthcare professionals, policy makers and the public by implementing and advocating for programs in patient care, research, professional and public education, and public policy.  Awards: clinical research, student education, scientist-in-training. 
Advocacy, public education, research scholar awards
The Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (DPDF) is organized to help early-stage graduate students in the humanities and social sciences formulate effective doctoral dissertation proposals
Scholar awards; publication awards; graduate student paper award. Nomination deadlines in March.
From the SPSSI designed to encourage age 60+ and retired members to apply their knowledge to helping solve social problems or to assist policy makers to solve social problems. Proposals are invited that use social science research findings to address social problems through direct action projects, consulting with not-for-profit groups, or through preparing reviews of existing social science literature that could be used by policy makers.
Social Science research programs: the Future of Work; Immigration; Cultural Contact; Social Inequality; Behavioral Economics