The Internal Funding Initiatives (IFI) programs supported by the Office of the Vice President for Research are composed of the Arts & Humanities Initiative (AHI), the Biological Sciences Funding Program (BSFP), the Mathematical & Physical Sciences Program (MPSFP) and the Social Sciences Funding Program (SSFP).  Over the past 12 years, more than 400 faculty and staff members were awarded in excess of $6 million dollars to support research and scholarly activity. 

Listed below are the Arts & Humanities Initiative award recipients and project titles from the past three years.


Spring 2012


Art & Art History

Laurel Farrin, Associate Professor

Brenda Longfellow, Associate Professor
Spolia, Memory and Identity in Roman Imperial and Late Antique Fountains

Cinema & Comparative Literature

Sabine Golz, Associate Professor
The Cantor of Swabia: Music and Resistance in Nazi Germany

Steve Ungar, Professor
Critical Mass: Social Documentary in France

Sasha Waters Freyer, Associate Professor
What Has Been From Time Immemorial

Educational, Policy & Leadership Studies

Katrina Sanders, Associate Professor
The Rise and Fall of Black Catholic Education in a Changing South, 1886-1976


Claire Fox, Associate Professor
American Journals and the International Surrealist Movement

Robin Hemley, Professor
NonfictioNOW 2012

Marie Kruger, Associate Professor
Therapeutic Commodities: Apartheid, Trauma and Visual Culture in the New South Africa


Jeff Cox, Professor
Re-thinking Secularization

Jacki Rand, Associate Professor
Violence Against Native Women in the Intersection of Shifting Kinship Structures, Alien Legal Forms, and Tribal Self-Determination

Omar Valerio-Jimenez, Assistant Professor
The Latino Midwest

Journalism & Mass Communication

Meenakshi Gigi Durham, Professor
TechnoSex: Technologies of the Body, Mediated Corporealities, and the Quest for the Sexual Self


Robert Cook, Assistant Professor
Voice and Ecology in the Music of George Crumb

Katherine Eberle Fink, Professor
In this Moment: Women and their Songs

Christine Getz, Associate Professor
Canonizing San Carlo: Preaching, Meditation and Memory in Polyphony for the Feast of San Carlo Borromeo

Kenneth Tse, Associate Professor
Spanish Escapade

Marian Wilson Kimber, Associate Professor
Women, Music, and the Spoken Word in the Jerry Tarver Elocution, Rhetoric, and Oratory Collection


Greg Landini, Professor
True Whenever Significant: Typical Ambiguity in Principia Mathematica

Spanish & Portuguese

Amber Brian, Assistant Professor
Colonial Economy of Letters

Theatre Arts

Loyce Arthur, Associate Professor
Caribbean Carnival and Community Arts Education Project


Spring 2011

African-American Studies

Venise Berry, Associate Professor
Visual Framing and the Internet: HIV/AIDS and African American Youth

Art & Art History

Monica Correia, Associate Professor
Tableware Collections

Sue Hettmansperger, Professor
Painting as Artifact

Anita Jung, Associate Professor
New Media in Printmaking

Cinema & Comparative Literature

Corey Creekmur, Associate Professor
Project Director, Comics, Creativity, and Culture: Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives

Ana Merino, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Project Co-Director, Comics, Creativity, and Culture: Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives

Rachel Williams, Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning
Project Co-Director, Comics, Creativity, and Culture: Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives

Russell Valentino, Professor
The Iowa Review Enhanced Access Project


Rebekah Kowal, Associate Professor
The World Dances Through Manhattan: Dance Imports in a Globalizing World, 1943-1960


Florence Boos, Professor
Preparation of Texts for the Morris Online Edition

Jonathan Wilcox, Professor
The Letter Made Flesh: An Extreme Material Reading of the Word in Anglo-Saxon Culture


Elizabeth Heineman, Associate Professor
Kindertransport: A Family History

Jennifer Sessions, Assistant Professor
The Spirit of Conquest: Colonial Violence in Nineteenth-Century France

Library & Information Science

Jennifer Burek Pierce, Assistant Professor
Rest and a Change of Scene:  American Women on Illness and Recovery in the Long Nineteenth Century


Nicole Esposito, Assistant Professor
Flauturas: Reaching New Heights

Lawrence Fritts, Associate Professor
Economies of the Senses

Stephen Swanson, Professor
Animal Songs compact disc recording


David Stern, Professor
Transcribing and editing Wittgenstein's lectures, Cambridge 1930-33, from the notes of GE Moore


Richard Turner, Professor
Afro-Atlantic Religion: Malcolm X, John Coltrane, and the Sixties


Naomi Greyser, Assistant Professor
On Sympathetic Grounds

State Archaeologists Office

John Doershuk, PhD
Mapping Ancient Burial Mounds

Teaching and Learning

Kathryn Whitmore, Professor
Investigating the Poetry of Voice in Linguistically Diverse Second Graders: Artmaking and Bookmaking

World Languages, Literature and Culture

Jennifer Feeley, Assistant Professor, Asian & Slavic Language and Literature
Visions of the Future: Global SF Cinema

Waltraud Maierhofer, Professor, German
Digital Edition: Illustrations in Editions of Goethe's Collected Works During His Lifetime

Adriana Mendez Rodenas, Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Humboldt’s Route: The Orinoco as Narrative and Geographical Threshold


Spring 2010


Erica Prussing, Assistant Professor
Indigenous epidemiologies: Health statistics as moral discourse

Art & Art History

Julie Hochstrasser, Associate Professor
The Dutch in the World

Sarah Kanouse, Assistant Professor
Fishing for Nature: Race, recreation, warmongering and other un/comfortable, in/compatible land uses

Barbara Mooney, Associate Professor
Breaking the Prairie: Architecture, Material Culture, and the Transformation of the Early Midwest

Cinema & Comparative Literature

Leighton Pierce, Professor
Temporal Transactions (Agency of Time part 3)

Communication Studies

Kembrew McLeod, Associate Professor
Chic-A-Go-Go: A Documentary About Music, Media Making, and Public Access TV

Creative Writing

Lan Chang, Professor
The Future of Reading and Writing: The Iowa Writers' Workshop 75th Anniversary Conference


Harilaos Stecopoulos, Associate Professor
Telling America's Story: U.S. Writers and Cultural Diplomacy, 1945-2009

Michael Hill, Assistant Professor, English
The Ethics of Swagger


Michaela Hoenicke-Moore, Assistant Professor
Varieties of American Patriotism: Nationalism and Foreign Policy from the New Deal to the Cold War

H. Penny, Associate Professor
The German Love Affair with American Indians

Johanna Schoen, Associate Professor
Bringing Abortion to America: Susan Hill and the National Women's Health Organization


Anthony Arnone, Assistant Professor
Cello CD of unrecorded works by living composers

Benjamin Coelho, Associate Professor
CD Recording - Musical Offering, Music for Solo Bassoon and Choir

Scott Conklin, Assistant Professor
Contemporary Masterworks and New Standards for the Violin

David Gompper, Professor
L'IcôneSt. Nicholas

Christine Rutledge-Russell, Associate Professor
Research Support for the Iowa Festival of Baroque Music and Dance

Ksenia Nosikova, Associate Professor
Recording of the first CD of Complete Sonatas for Solo Piano by Robert

Kenneth Tse, Associate Professor
Great American Saxophone Concerto

Women’s Studies

Ellen Lewin, Professor
in Spirit:  An Ethnography of a Black LGBT Pentecostal Denomination

World Languages, Literature and Culture

Glenn Ehrstine, Associate Professor, German
Vienna 1529: The Ottoman Siege in Popular Discourse

Rosemarie Scullion, Associate Professor, French & Italian
Censorship in the Republic:  Cinema, Society and Culture in Postwar France

Kathleen Newman, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Contemporary Argentine and Spanish Cinemas: Residual Authoritarianism in Transnationalized Democracies