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The Internal Funding Initiatives (IFI) supported by the Office of the Vice President for Research are composed of the Arts & Humanities Initiative (AHI), the Biological Sciences Funding Program (BSFP), the Mathematical & Physical Sciences Program (MPSFP) and the Social Sciences Funding Program (SSFP).  Over the past 12 years, more than 400 faculty and staff members were awarded in excess of $6 million dollars to support research and scholarly activity. 

Listed below are the Biological Sciences Funding Program award recipients and project titles from the past three years.


Spring 2012


Amy Conrad, Assistant Research Scientist, Psychiatry
Reading Achievement in Cleft: Relationship to Hearing, Speech, Neuropschological Skill and Neural Activity

Bruce Hostager, Research Scientist, Internal Medicine
The role of HOIP in immune activation

Horacio Olivo, Associate Professor, Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry Chemistry and Biology of Peroxisomicines

David Roman, Assistant Professor, Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry
Whole-Cell, High Content-based High Throughput Assay Development for RGS4 Inhibitors

Donna Santillan, Assistant Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Prevention of GBS-related Preterm Birth

Geb Thomas, Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering
Prototyping an Electro-Mechanical Alternative to Purely Virtual Orthopedic Surgical Simulation

Tina Tootle, Assistant Professor, Anatomy & Cell Biology
Defining the meiotic role of AKIRIN in Drosophila


Spring 2011

Carl Frank, Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology
How Synapse Stability is Maintained through CaV2 Calcium Channels

Amnon Kohen, Professor, Chemistry
New Radiotracer for Cancer Imaging
Susanne Morton, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to Rehabilitate Hemiplegia
Warren Schmidt, Professor, Internal Medicine
Anti-Hepatitis C drugs through biliverdin modeling
Aliye Uc, Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Celiac Artery Injection Delivers the Transgenes to the Pig Pancreas
Lori Wallrath, Professor, Biochemistry
Neuromuscular Analyses of an Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy Model
Marc Wold, Professor, Biochemistry
Function of the human RPA4 gene in preventing cell proliferation

Spring 2010

Lin Fang, Assistant Professor, Anatomy & Cell Biology
Establishing a zebrafish xenograft model for the analysis of tumor progression and drug screening

Durga Mohapatra, Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
Clonal isolation, characterization and translational potential of human prostate cancer cells metastasizing specifically to hind limb bones

Bryan Phillips, Assistant Professor, Biology
Cell fate determination in metazoans: novel regulators of the Wnt signaling pathway

Sarit Smolikove, Assistant Professor, Biology
synaptonemal complex morphogenesis in C. elegans meiosis