A partnership between the CIC and State Health Departments

By understanding and addressing the social determinants of health, the CIC Health Equity Initiative is poised to improve the health outcomes of vulnerable children and infants across the eleven state region of the CIC.

The Leadership Team of the CIC Health Equity Initiative seeks ideas that will support the writing of a five-year, multi-institutional grant proposal that fosters collaboration between CIC universities and their and state health offices. The proposal will, in part, support clusters of research, teaching and training, and community-building.

The CIC has asked all institutions to submit pre-proposal ideas in the form of a letter of intent (max 3 pages) by March 1.

neonatal baby


Institutional point of contact

Individuals interested in being part of the University of Iowa's team should contact:

Edith Parker
Edith Parker
Professor and Head, Community and Behavioral Health
Director, Prevention Research Center for Rural Health
Professor, Public Policy Center
(319) 384-1472




Research collaboration tool

University of Iowa researchers who are interested in participating can join the online discussion and submit their ideas on the research collaboration website for this project.