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Dare to Discover

Our office recently launched a new gateway website— discover.research.uiowa.edu/—to connect communities close to campus and across the state with outreach, engagement, research, and creative endeavors at the UI.

Dunkeosteus, a prehistoric fish, at the Museum of Natural History

“We created the ‘Dare to Discover’ website to provide the citizens of Iowa a direct and accessible link to the University of Iowa research enterprise. We view it as a virtual doorway through which educators, students, and community leaders can enter and tap the resources of a major public university,” 
- Dan Reed, vice president for research and economic development


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I find assistance for my small business?

Are training programs and consulting services available for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Are there opportunities for communities members to volunteer for clinical trials or other research activities?

How do I give to research on a specific disease or in a specific discipline?

In what ways are UI researchers and scholars engaged in outreach to the community?

What are the most up-to-date funding statistics?

Students looking at paintings in an Art Gallery