The Arts Advancement Committee, in collaboration with the Provost Office and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, is currently accepting applications for Creative Matches grants.  Building on the inspiration of the Creative Matters Lecture Series, the Creative Matches program seeks to connect artists, scientists, engineers, and technologists in collaborative projects that bring together scientific and artistic modes of inquiry, experimentation, and expression.   Results of the collaborations may take many forms, using as a point of departure scientific methodologies or findings, on the one hand, or art making and the creative process on the other. These collaborations should lead to engagement of the broader public, either artistically, scientifically, or both.

Projects funded by Creative Matches grants should explore questions that arise from the intersection of art and science, such as:

  • What could science and art borrow from each other in approaching questions of efficacy, audience, and significance?
  • What aspects of a scientific method and/or project are revealed through the lens of an artistic inquiry and/or rendering?
  • How might art reveal aspects of scientific significance in intelligible ways for new audiences, including the broader public?
  • What light can science shed on the creative process and meaning making?
  • How can scientists look to art for models of divergent thinking to promote new approaches or suggest new questions?
  • How might science inspire artists to think in new ways about their subject matter?

Proposed projects must include partners from at least one arts discipline and at least one science, biomedical, or engineering discipline.  We anticipate awarding 3-5 grants between $1,000 - $20,000 under this pilot program. 

Creative Matches



Eligible PI(s) are UI personnel who are tenure-track or tenured faculty, clinical track faculty, research faculty, lecturers, and other staff members for whom research, scholarship, and/or creative work are assigned as one of their primary job responsibilities. The PI(s) must have at least a 50% university appointment during the academic year of the project. Co-PIs are allowed.

Other team members may have a part-time appointment. Creative teams must include at least one collaborator from an arts discipline and one collaborator from a science, biomedical, or engineering discipline.


Selection Process

The Creative Matters Committee will make funding recommendations to the Arts Advancement committee.  Selection criteria are:

  • Level of collaboration
  • Audience engagement
  • Anticipated excellence
  • Innovation
  • Potential for further development
  • Feasibility


Deadline and Submission

The deadline for proposals is 11:59pm on Sunday, April 15. Proposals should be emailed to


Proposal Guidelines

Proposals must contain the following:

  1. Project Narrative (3 pages maximum): The project narrative should address the selection criteria outlined in the Selection Process section above.
  2. Budget, budget justification and timeline:  The budget and justification must outline how funds will be expended and why they are needed during the grant period. All funds must be expended by December 31, 2018. The notices of award will be issued in early May 2018. Please note that salary for the PI(s) is not an allowable expense.

UPDATE: The Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates will match up to $3,000 to support undergraduate students on these projects. For example, an awarded project that includes a request for $1,000 for a student researcher will receive $1,000 from the Office of Research and Economic Development and an additional $1,000 from the Iowa Center for Undergraduates to support a second student (up to $3,000).

  1. CV or biosketch for all key personnel


Individuals who are interested in viewing a copy of a successful Creative Matches proposal, or who are seeking collaborators outside of their discipline, may contact Leslie Revaux (