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Overview of Project

This project developed and launched an online disclosure system (eCOI) that fulfills the federal regulation on financial conflict of interest in research, accreditation standards on medical education, and the institutional policies on conflict of interest under the purview of the following offices: the Conflict of Interest in Research Office, the UI Health Care Joint Office for Compliance, and the Carver College of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical Education. 

Visions & Goals

Consolidation of the information required by several UI offices into a single disclosure form reduces the administrative burden on faculty and staff.


The disclosure period for University employees to complete the annual disclosure of outside financial interests is February 1 to April 30 each year.  However, the disclosure form should be kept up-to-date if an employee’s circumstances change throughout the year. 
The following individuals are currently required to file an annual disclosure form, even if they have no outside financial interests or activities to disclose:
  • All UI Health Care faculty, P&S, SEIU, and Merit Exempt staff working 50% time or more
  • All key research personnel named on a UI routing form or, for human subjects research, named on an IRB application. 



Information Technology Advisory Committee in the Office of the Vice President for Research 

Project Team



February 2012

  • eCOI launched for UI HealthCare employees

February 2012- August 2012

  • eCOI integration with Hawk IRB application and UIRIS routing form
  • eCOI rolled out for employees involved in research

April 2013

  • Launched revised disclosure system for 2013 calendar year
  • Met UIHC, COI – Research, Conflict of Commitment, and Continuing Medical Education Reporting obligations.

July 2013

  • Updates to Pre-Award proposal routing form and HawkIRB systems to verify that all personnel have completed a current COI form before allowing submission
  • Created Financial Interest in Research forms (FIRs) for continuing application reviews
  • Extended Administrative Functionality
  • Changes to Financial Interest in Research email to better inform research that team member has a potential conflict.

October 2013

  • Planning completed for inclusion of Provost’s Office and HR requirements for Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest in the workplace.

February 2014

  • Revised form for 2014 calendar year
  • Incorporated requirements from the Provost’s Office and HR allowing additional data sharing across administrative units further reducing administrative burden across campus.


  • Updates for 2015 calendar year including improvements to questions related to Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest in the workplace
  • Updates to administrative functionality





Conflict of Interest in Research Office
UI HealthCare
Office of Continuing Medical Education
Human Subjects Office
Office of the Provost
Division of Sponsored Programs
Research Information Systems
Human Resources

Feedback / Comments

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