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Overview of Project

Research information Systems(RIS) in partnership with the Office of Animal Resources (OAR), the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Office and with research faculty and research staff stakeholder advisory groups  will create eIACUC. The eIACUC system will provide University of Iowa researchers and staff as well as IACUC team members a system for creating, reviewing and approving animal protocols.  This electronic animal protocol (eIACUC) system will replace the current paper-based Microsoft Word protocol review process and the Program Assistant database.  This electronic system will also integrate with the Animal Operations system resulting in improved efficiencies and reduced administrative burden for researchers and IACUC staff.


eIACUC is a comprehensive electronic animal application system which will expedite the creation, review and approval of research projects. This system utilizes smart form technology, enhanced workflow, document management and report functionality, and includes consolidated communication capabilities that will reduce administrative burden and facilitate animal research.


  • Create an innovative electronic animal (use) protocol (eIACUC) built on smart form technology, specific for each species that offers template language, procedure standardization and is easy to use.
  • Refine business processes, technologies and interfaces to improve animal research administration, promote collaboration and ensure compliance.
  • Integrate with other electronic systems such as the Animal Operations system resulting in improved efficiencies and reduced administrative burden for researchers and IACUC Staff.
  • Expedite the animal protocol preparation, submission, and review and approval process.
  • Provide transparent access to animal research information for investigators and research personnel.
  • Enhance communication between the IACUC staff and researchers by implementing an interactive system which provides accurate and current protocol information.
  • Reduce ambiguity from the animal protocol submission process by providing fast and easy access to information for researchers.
  • Create an innovative system that offers flexibility for future enhancements.
  • Leverage existing IT platform infrastructure found in UI’s  electronic (Hawk) IRB system


The eIACUC project consists of 8 phases. Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project have been completed. Advisory Groups continue to meet on a recurring basis. Phase 3 of the project is on schedule.


The Vice President for Research Information Technology Advisory Committee oversees eIACUC as one part of the larger electronic Research Administration (eRA) project. The eIACUC Project Leadership Team directs the actions of the Functional and Technical Module Leads Team.

Project Team


April 2013

  • Demographics module completed
  • PI Data being populated into database
  • Template Language, “Help” icons, and Draft protocol language compiled into eBook
  • Compliance Training and Health Questionnaire integrated

July 2013

  • Faculty and staff engagement meetings with demonstrations of the demographics system
  • Form content finalized for requirements

October 2013

  • All project personnel information populated into new system to ease creating new protocols from an existing one
  • Completed first full animal protocol for use of rats
  • Completed enhancements of animal protocol and account management for Animal Research Information System (ARIS)

May 2014

  • Pilot of rat protocol in progress with limited labs
  • Faculty Users and Stakeholder’s Training

July 2015

  • Processing protocols for any single species.  This means that a majority of our animal protocols (up to 90%) are now being submitted, amended, reviewed, and approved completely within the new system.



The Faculty Advisory Group for eIACUC Conceptual Design and the Research Staff Stakeholders Group represent the needs of the research community.

Faculty Advisory Group for eIACUC Conceptual Design
Kevin Campbell (Physiology and Biophysics)
John Engelhardt (Anatomy and Cell Biology)
John Freeman (Psychology; IACUC Chair)Bernd Fritzsch (Biological Sciences)
Donna Hammond (Anesthesia-Medicine)
Pat Schlievert (Microbiology)
Curt Sigmund (Pharmacology)

Research Staff Stakeholders Group
Rob Crawford- Campbell’s lab (Physiology and Biophysics)
Debbie Davis- Sigmund’s lab (Pharmacology)
Doug Fredericks - Buckwalter’s lab (Orthopedics)
Elizabeth Luczak- Anderson’s lab (Medicine)
Stephanie White – Hammond’s lab (Anesthesia)
Weihong Zhou – Engelhardt’s lab (Anatomy and Cell Biology)
Patrick Dominy-RIS
Jose Jimenez-RIS
Gayle Elliott- RIS
Paul Cooper -OAR
Nancy Figler -IACUC

Feedback / Comments

If you have suggestions or feedback for the eRA Project Team, please don't hesitate to contact us at