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Augu​st 2012

Why are elderly duped? UI researchers explain why. 
Everyone knows the adage: “If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” So, why, then, do some people fall for scams and why are older folks especially prone to being duped?

July ​2012

Experience the Mammoth Dig (Des Moines Register) 
University of Iowa researchers and volunteers help unearth a mammoth.

UI bike simulator provides insight on children's decision making (KWWL) 
Audrey Heath and her 12-year-old son Tyler of Iowa City are beginning to train to ride in part of this year's RAGBRAI®.  "It's going to be hard," Tyler said.  Their training time is a good time to talk about safety out on the roads.

UI Team Brings New Meaning to AIDS Quilt  
Later this month, the massive quilt will go on display in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. for the first time in more than a decade.The quilt covers $1.3 M square feet, commemorating lives lost to AIDS. It was nearly impossible to display, until now. Related story: "Researchers Digitize AIDS Quilt to Make It a Research Tool," The Chronicle of Higher Education

June 2012

New Eyes in the Sky 
Until now, scientists who study air pollution using satellite imagery have been limited by weather. Clouds, in particular, provide much less information than a sunny day.

Iowa Family Finds Mammoth Bones In Backyard (ABC World News) 
The University of Iowa Museum of Natural History is overseeing the project’s excavation and research.The excavation is underway thanks to the discovery of the bones of a prehistoric mammoth in one Oskaloosa, Iowa, family’s backyard.

Adaptable decision making in the brain 
Researchers at the University of Iowa, together with colleagues from the California Institute of Technology and New York University, have discovered how a part of the brain helps predict future events from past experiences.

UI study finds that spatial consistency helps tots learn words 
Two mothers are teaching their toddlers new words using novel objects. The mothers use the same words and the same objects in the same situation. One child learns the words better and more consistently than the other.

New imaging technique shows inner-ear development and structure 
University of Iowa researchers and their colleagues have developed imaging techniques that may allow researchers and physicians to better understand normal inner ear development as well as inner ear diseases.

May 2012

The art of science 
It may look like an exotic butterfly, but this image actually shows the location in the spinal cord of three enzymes that are critical for breathing and heart function.

Driving up insurance premiums 
Consumers pay as much as 31 percent more for insurance because insurance companies have to comply with regulations from multiple states instead of just a single regulator, according to new research by a University of Iowa insurance expert.

UI professor identifies largest known crocodile 
A crocodile large enough to swallow humans once lived in East Africa, according to a University of Iowa researcher.

How human cells 'hold hands' 
UI researchers explore how one cell binds itself to another, shedding light on neurodevelopmental disorders.

April 2012 

$11 million NIH grant renewal benefits Iowa Cochlear Implant Clinical Research Center 
The Iowa Cochlear Implant Clinical Research Center (ICICRC) at the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine has received its fifth consecutive grant renewal from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The innovative and interdisciplinary research supported by this long-running grant has made the ICICRC one of the world's premier centers for cochlear implant clinical research. 

NYTimes: The Economic Cost of Breastfeeding 
One of the most powerful myths surrounding breast milk is that it’s not only the “best” food for baby, but that it’s free. Nursing mothers have long known that “free” in this context requires that we place zero value on our own sleep, time and even dignity. (Remember the study showing that breast-feeding women are viewed as less competent?)

March 2012

CNN: Behind the wheel of a distracted driver 
CNN's Lizzie O'Leary takes to the road in the National Advanced Driving Simulator at the University of Iowa to demonstrate the hazards of distracted driving.

UI featured in Discovery Channel documentary on driver safety 
The University of Iowa, its National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS), and driving safety researchers Dan McGehee and Omar Ahmad are featured in a documentary, “Life Behind the Wheel: A Roadmap for Safety,” that airs this weekend on the Discovery Channel.

February 2012

Two UI undergraduate researchers named 2012 Churchill Scholars 
Two University of Iowa students, Colorado Reed and Suzanne Carter, have been named 2012 Churchill Scholars.  As senior members of the UI Honors Program, Reed is an applied physics major from Colfax, Iowa, and Carter, who is from St. Paul, Minn., studies mathematics and physics, both in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS).

McMurray wins two prestigious early-career awards in psychology 
Associate professor Bob McMurray of the University of Iowa Department of Psychology has won two prestigious awards recognizing his research into the ways humans develop the ability to perceive and process speech and language.

January 2012

Ronald McDonald House Charities grant to promote UI's Ponseti clubfoot efforts 
A two-year, $302,400 grant from Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) to the Ponseti International Association at the University of Iowa will help advance the treatment of clubfoot worldwide.

Ozbolat research in 3-D printing of living organs featured 
The January 2012 issue of Mechanical Engineer magazine features an in-depth story about the research Ibrahim Ozbolat, assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, is conducting in the 3-D printing of living organs for transplant.

Obermann Graduate Institute on Public Engagement adds fellows 
The 6th annual Obermann Graduate Institute on Public Engagement and the Academy will have three more Graduate Fellows than in past years, thanks to additional funding from the University of Iowa Graduate College.

Study reveals enzyme function, could help find muscular dystrophy therapies 
Researchers at the University of Iowa have worked out the exact function of an enzyme that is critical for normal muscle structure and is involved in several muscular dystrophies. The findings, which were published Jan. 6 in the journal Science, could be used to develop rapid, large-scale testing of potential muscular dystrophy therapies.

November 2011

UI study: Brain training exercises improve cognitive function 
Brain training exercises are more effective at improving cognitive function than simply performing knowledge or ingenuity games, such as crossword puzzles, according to an interim report from the Iowa Healthy and Active Minds Study (IHAMS).

Law students help experts reconsider state employment laws 
Research from University of Iowa law students is helping to craft a possible new approach to state employment laws that apply to American workers whose jobs are not covered by a contract. 

UI study: Childhood obesity does not permanently increase cardiovascular risk 
An international study involving investigators in the University of Iowa College of Public Health and the UI Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine found that people who were overweight or obese during childhood but of normal weight as adults have cardiovascular outcomes similar to individuals who were never obese.

Researchers receive NSF grant to study evolutionary consequences of abstinence 
Why do living organisms engage in sexual, rather than asexual, reproduction?

UI study explains how heart attack can lead to heart rupture 
For people who initially survive a heart attack, a significant cause of death in the next few days is cardiac rupture -- literally, bursting of the heart wall.

UI researchers develop innovative protocol of treatment for MS patients 
University of Iowa researchers, using an innovative therapy involving intensive nutrition, progressive exercise, and neuromuscular stimulation, have observed evidence of improvement in patients with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS).

UI study tests ketogenic diet for lung and pancreatic cancers 
Researchers with UI Health Care have received a two-year, $340,023 grant from the National Cancer Institute to investigate whether a ketogenic diet can increase the effectiveness of radiation and chemotherapy for lung and pancreatic cancer.

October 2011

UI study: retaining 1970s credit limits would have reduced bankruptcies by 25 percent 
A University of Iowa study suggests that one-quarter of households that filed for bankruptcy in 2007 would not have been in that situation if the credit regulations of the 1970s had remained in place.

UI study shows elections increase market, economic volatility 
A new study co-authored by Artem Durnev, assistant professor of finance in the Tippie College of Business, finds that countries with national elections have more volatile economies because businesses don't like political uncertainty. The study also found economic volatility increases during political campaigns.

UI Department of Family Medicine awarded $1.2 million grant to train resident physicians 
The University of Iowa Department of Family Medicine has received a five-year, $1.2 million grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration to help train resident physicians and to improve clinical outcomes for people with physical and behavioral health problems.

UI part of consortium receiving up to $35 million from FDA 
The University of Iowa is part of a national consortium that has been awarded a five-year grant worth up to $35 million by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to improve drug manufacturing standards that could cut health care costs, create jobs, and improve drug safety.

UI researcher analyzes who ends up ‘housebroke’ 
In theory, older people and people with higher levels of education should be more financially stable and have an easier time affording their homes. New research from the University of Iowa suggests that’s not the case.

Engineer receives NSF grant to study behavior of iron nanoparticles in soil 
Michelle Scherer, professor and departmental executive officer of civil and environmental engineering in the UI College of Engineering, has received a three-year, $259,884 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to study the behavior of iron nanoparticles in soils, effective Sept. 1.

UI awarded $5.8 million grant for pediatric migraine study 
The National Institutes of Health has awarded the Clinical Trials Statistical and Data Management Center (CTSDMC) in the University of Iowa College of Public Health a five-year, $5.8 million grant to help study migraine in children and adolescents between 8 and 17 years of age.

Engineer receives NSF grant for novel computational studies 
Sharif Rahman, professor in the University of Iowa College of Engineering Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and researcher in the Center for Computer Aided Design, has received a three-year, $280,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for computational studies on dynamical systems, effective Sept. 1.

September 2011

President Obama names UI's Gregory Howes recipient of prestigious PECASE award 
University of Iowa researcher Gregory Howes is one of 94 U.S. scientists and engineers named by President Barack Obama as recipients of Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). The Presidential Award is the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government on scientists and engineers in the early stages of their independent research careers.

UI-led team sheds light on Ice Age human evolution in Asia 
University of Iowa-led team of paleoanthropologists from the UI and the Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia (ITB) has shed new light on the nature of Ice Age human evolution in Asia.

UI vision researchers receive $1.6 million from Foundation Fighting Blindness 
Researchers in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine have received a five-year, $1.6 million grant from the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

UI awarded $650,000 to build public health workforce capacity 
The University of Iowa's Upper Midwest Public Health Training Center (UMPHTC) has received a $650,000 award to develop and expand workforce development in the field of public health. 

Nuxoll receives NSF grant for nanoparticle research 
Eric Nuxoll, assistant professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering in the University of Iowa College of Engineering, has received a three-year National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for nanoparticle research aimed at alleviating some post-surgical infections, effective Jan. 1, 2012.

NSF invests $20 million in Iowa's renewable energy and energy efficiency research 
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a $20 million, five-year grant to build Iowa's research capacity in renewable energy and energy efficiency.  The Iowa Power Fund, a state program supporting energy innovation and independence, has also granted the project $2 million to pay for research equipment.

UI professor receives NSF grant to study implementation of sustainability initiatives 
Communities are often eager to embrace environmental sustainability, but sometimes the projects fail to get off the ground. A University of Iowa professor will use a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to study the hurdles that stand in the way of local sustainability initiatives, and how communities can address the snags.

UI researchers find high levels of toxic PCBs in Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal 
University of Iowa researchers have found high levels of toxic polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the deep sediments lining the Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal (IHSC) in East Chicago, Ind. Scientists say the discovery is cause for concern because the IHSC is scheduled to be dredged in spring 2012 to maintain proper depth for ship traffic in this heavily industrialized area of southern Lake Michigan. 

August 2011

UI researchers improve satellite surface measurements 
University of Iowa assistant professor Scott Spak and students participating in a six-week NASA summer program have found that taking into account local atmospheric conditions can improve the accuracy of satellite surface imagery. 

UI Office of the State Archaeologist discovers 7,000-year-old village in Des Moines 
University of Iowa archaeologists have confirmed that an exceptionally well-preserved site, nearly 7,000 years old, contains what are among the oldest-known structures and human remains ever discovered in the state.

Women's health tissue bank promotes pregnancy, childbirth research 
Researchers studying pregnancy-related problems are turning to cord blood and tissue banking to help them find answers, patterns and new information regarding a wide variety of diseases in pregnancy. Though the use of stem cells in research is widely known, the use of cord blood‚ the blood that comes from the umbilical cord‚ is still relatively new. 

Study finds new role for protein in hearing 
University of Iowa scientists have discovered a new role for a protein that is mutated in Usher syndrome, one of the most common forms of deaf-blindness in humans. The findings, which were published Aug. 8 in Nature Neuroscience, may help explain why this mutation causes the most severe form of the condition. 

UI investigators awarded $750,000 grant to study health and fitness among Iowa youth 
The Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust has awarded investigators in the University of Iowa College of Public Health a three-year, $750,000 grant to expand a study of health and fitness among youth in Muscatine, Iowa. 

The social network of infertility: Study examines couples' privacy preferences 
Couples who are having trouble getting pregnant adjust how much information they share with friends and family, depending on whether it's the husband or the wife who feels stigmatized about their reproductive difficulties, a new study shows.

UI biologist finds one species of pathogen can produce two distinct biofilms 
Many medical devices, ranging from artificial hip joints to dentures and catheters, become sites for unwelcome guests -- complex communities of microbial pathogens called biofilms that are resistant to the human immune system and antibiotics, thus proving a serious threat to human health.  

Aug. 5 Launch of NASA Juno Spacecraft Carries UI Instrument to Jupiter 
When NASA's Juno spacecraft begins a five-year journey to Jupiter with a launch from Cape Canaveral on Aug. 5, the University of Iowa will be onboard.

July 2011

UI Researchers help make SIDS breakthrough 
A research team that included investigators from Harvard, Dartmouth, and the University of Iowa has reported a major advance that may help unlock the mysteries of a broad range of neurological disorders, including sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS.

UI Nursing Professor Uses Harry Potter Books to Build 'Genetic Literacy' 
As the final installment in J. K. Rowling's infamous Harry Potter series ("The Deathly Hallows – Part 2") hits the big screen this weekend, moviegoers may be unaware that some of the wizardly wonders found in and around Hogwarts have actually produced real-world learning tools for some of today's top medical researchers. 

Engineer receives $398,000 grant to study nitrogen cycle and mussels 
Anton Kruger, associate professor in the University of Iowa College of Engineering and associate research engineer at IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering, has received a two-year, $398,000 grant from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust of Muscatine, Iowa, to fund research into an organism-based, biosensing network designed to test river nitrogen cycling on the Mississippi River. 

UI researchers apply yoga to depression 
The benefits of yoga may stretch further than merely mind and body.  Researchers in the University of Iowa Psychology Department are exploring yoga as an alternative to medication for women struggling with postpartum depression. They hope the study will completed within the year. 

UI stem-cell research provides hope of curing girl's blindness (Star News, July 22) 
As the second annual Ava Inspired 5K Walk-With-A-Vision event nears, just like its namesake, Ava Huggins, it has grown and gone through changes since its inaugural run last year.

UI Health Care names first Diabetes Faculty Scholar 
Leaders of The Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center at the University of Iowa announced today they have selected Christopher Adams, M.D., Ph.D., as the center's first Faculty Scholar, a position that provides up to $250,000 to help fund his research.

UI researchers track giant thunderstorm in Saturn's northern hemisphere 
If you've ever spent a summer afternoon sitting on a porch swing and watching majestic, white thunder clouds billow skyward, then you know something about the sense of wonder two University of Iowa researchers have experienced during the past seven months as they tracked one of the largest lightning storms ever seen at the planet Saturn.

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center's status renewed by National Cancer Institute 
Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa has earned a renewal of its formal designation as a comprehensive cancer center from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The renewal includes a five-year, $11.5 million Cancer Center Support Grant.

June 2011

UI students win National Science Foundation graduate fellowships 
Graduate students Valerie Beck and Georgina Moreno have been awarded 2011-12 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Fellowships to pursue graduate studies at the University of Iowa.

Study: Public prefers limited informed consent process for biobanks 
Biobanks are repositories for tissue samples, usually in the form of blood or saliva or leftover tissue from surgical procedures. These samples are collected and used for future research, including genetic research.

UI Professor develops flight training software (The Daily Iowan, June 29) 
University of Iowa Associate Professor Tom “Mach” Schnell is on a mission to help evolve the human race. With the pilot being the least perfect part in flying, he is trying the bridge the gap between man and aircraft.

UI hosts workshop for middle school teachers 
The University of Iowa is doing their part in preparing science teachers to cover environmental issues in the classroom. Professor Charlie Stainer and PhD candidate Morgan Yarker recently led a workshop helping middle school teachers develop curriculums covering climate, weather and energy. While Professor Stainer was required to conduct an outreach activity as part of a grant, Yarker explained that the workshop went beyond the call of duty.

UI scientist honored for lifetime contributions to hypertension research 
Allyn Mark, M.D., a professor and the Roy J. Carver Chair in Internal Medicine at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, has received the Alberto Zanchetti Life Achievement Award from the European Society of Hypertension.

Iowa Flood Center welcomes call to develop national flood center
Iowa Flood Center (IFC) researchers at the University of Iowa are welcoming a legislative proposal to develop a federally funded National Flood Center.

UI vision researchers receive grants from Research to Prevent Blindness
Two researchers in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine have been awarded grants by Research to Prevent Blindness, an organization that supports research into the causes, treatment and prevention of diseases that threaten vision.

One Day Your Car May Take Away the Keys if You're Drunk (All-Car Tech, June 21)
Drunk driving is a big problem in America, accounting for up to 31% of all traffic fatalities in the country. For years, education and awareness campaigns have tried to address the issue, but could the real solution lie in teaching cars themselves to spot intoxicated drivers? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been wondering the same thing and recently sponsored a study to find out.

New federal radon action plan cites research by UI professor 
A Radon Action Plan released June 20 by nine agencies across the federal government marks a historic interagency collaboration aimed at addressing exposure to radon, a serious public health risk. highlights UI engagement efforts in southeast Iowa City is a new online space for local art, journalism and storytelling that strives to reflect the changing community of Iowa City. The site highlights outreach work that University of Iowa faculty and students are doing in southeast Iowa City: narratives, photo essays, forums, documentaries and news reports.

Four UI students and alumni receive Fulbright fellowships for 2011-12 
Four University of Iowa students and alumni have been awarded Fulbright U.S. Student Program scholarships to conduct research or teach English internationally in 2011-12, according to a recent announcement by the U.S. Department of State and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board. This year’s UI recipients are Sangeeta Tandon, Luke Juran, Lia Yoon and Sarah Viren.

The Iowa Flood Center researchers hope to learn from western Iowa flooding 
As floodwaters on the Missouri River move relentlessly toward Iowa’s western border, scientists at the Iowa Flood Center are making plans to study the water’s movements. Most of the western edge of the state faces the threat of flooding from the Missouri in the days and weeks ahead.

UI study examines link between teen sex and divorce rate 
A University of Iowa study found that women who make their sexual debut as young teens are more likely to divorce, especially if “the first time” was unwanted, or if she had mixed feelings about it.

UI mathematician wins National Science Foundation CAREER award 
Maggie Tomova, assistant professor in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Department of Mathematics, has been selected by the NSF to receive a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award, effective June 1.

English Channel swim will benefit UI cancer research 
Cheyanne Boddicker remembers the old Elizabeth Taylor movie, “National Velvet.” In the 1944 film, Taylor’s character’s mother recalled that when she was young, she wanted to swim the English Channel.

UI study finds employee training might actually increase turnover 
American businesses spend billions of dollars training employees to produce a better, more productive workforce. But a new study by University of Iowa researchers finds that many of these programs might actually increase turnover while driving up a firm’s costs.

Apple peel makes mice mighty 
For Popeye, spinach was the key to extra muscle. For the mice in a new University of Iowa study, it was apples, or more precisely a waxy substance called ursolic acid that's found in apple peel.

UI researchers identify caffeine-consuming bacterium  
Humans aren’t the only organisms that turn to caffeine for a pick-me-up. University of Iowa scientists have identified four different bacteria that actually can live on caffeine.

Cross-state ride for UI Alzheimer's research begins (Daily Iowan, June 7) 
Bill Taylor, 80, began his ride across Iowa Monday to raise money for Alzheimer’s research at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

UI study is called a 'landmark' in pattern recognition research (New York Times, June 6) 
Like any other high school junior, Wynn Haimer has a few holes in his academic game. Graphs and equations, for instance: He gets the idea, fine — one is a linear representation of the other — but making those conversions is often a headache. 

UI investigators awarded $1.2 million grant to study bacteria in raw meat 
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded investigators in the University of Iowa College of Public Health a $1.2 million grant to study Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in raw meat. Tara Smith, Ph.D., interim director of the UI Center for Emerging Infectious Disease and assistant professor of epidemiology, will led an investigation of whether Staphylococcus aureus is present on meat and may colonize individuals who handle raw meat.

Public Policy Center to study impact of health care reform on Iowa’s safety net providers 
The University of Iowa Public Policy Center (PPC) has received a grant from the Commonwealth Fund to determine how Iowa’s health care safety net will be impacted by health care reform.

May 2011

County seats in Iowa generally perform better than their counties in population 
County seat towns in Iowa tended to perform better than their counties over the last decade in population growth, according to a University of Iowa analysis of last year's U.S. census.

High-performance computing cluster is UI's largest 'supercomputer' ever 
Tackling the world's biggest problems and advancing cutting-edge science and learning require computing power on a very large scale. Now researchers at the University of Iowa have access to a new high-performance computing (HPC) cluster that's the largest ever installed on campus.

Lab and University celebrate the next generation of scientists
The sky's the limit. This is a message that adults frequently use to encourage children, but one that may not always be fully appreciated. A celebration held at the State Hygienic Laboratory on May 20 honored a rare group of students who took that mantra to heart and, in the process, are helping reshape legislation and environmental policy.

McCoy to participate in UNESCO World Forum on the future of books 
Jim McCoy, director of the University of Iowa Press and expert on e-books, will be a panelist at the Second UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) World Forum on Culture and Cultural Industries.\

UI researchers receive 'Excellence in Clinical Research' award from JDRF
A group of researchers from the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine's Department of Pediatrics was honored May 20 for their work with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Continuous Glucose Monitoring Study Group.

UI Hawkeye Poll: Support for airstrikes in Libya split – but not along party lines 
As the United States and NATO allies continue to launch airstrikes in Libya, a University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll released today suggests that Americans are split on support for the intervention, but that the divide does not fall along party lines.

UI researcher receives U.S. Air Force grant to develop quantum memory technology 
A University of Iowa researcher has received a five-year, $875,000 grant from the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research as part of a multi-university research initiative that may lead to faster, more secure and more energy-efficient computers.

UI study: Carbon black nanoparticles activate immune cells, causing cell death 
Researchers from the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine have found that inhaled carbon black nanoparticles create a double source of inflammation in the lungs.

UI analyst says farm crisis still reverberates in Iowa's latest census data 
Iowa's farm crisis ended more than 20 years ago, but a University of Iowa analyst said last year's census data shows its impact still rumbles through the state. Jeff Schott, director of the UI Institute of Public Affairs, said Iowa's rural-to-urban population shift is even more pronounced in a deeper examination of the 2010 U.S. census data. 

Grant to help UI law student study labor law and the booming Chinese economy 
Nathan Jackson watched the booming Chinese economy up close while working for four years as a business consultant in Shanghai. Now he's going back to study the law behind that growth, with the help of a prestigious fellowship.

Iowa Insights: Solving the brain’s mysteries
The Iowa Neurological Patient Registry provides University of Iowa researchers with a unique resource to study neurological conditions. Hear about this one-of-a-kind registry in this month’s Iowa Insights podcast. Listen to the podcast now at

UI researcher says Iowa's first minority majority town is sign of state's growing diversity 
For the first time in decades Iowa has a minority majority town and a University of Iowa researcher said it's a sign of how quickly the state's cultural face is changing. According to 2010 U.S. census data, the Muscatine County town of West Liberty has a Latino population of 52 percent. Of the town's 3,736 residents, 1,951 identified themselves as Latino.

UI School of Urban and Regional Planning partnering with Dubuque on sustainability initiative 
University of Iowa graduate students will partner with the city of Dubuque on nine sustainability projects in the next two years. Their ambitious list of projects includes researching and mapping renewable energy sources that will help keep the city's lights on when a power plant closes in 2015, and working with the four colleges and other major institutions in the area to link them with local food producers.

Abboud receives $4 million training grant renewal for Cardiovascular Research Center 
The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has granted the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine a five-year, $4 million Institutional National Research Service Award renewal.

Study finds managers make frequent large investments if insulated from takeover threat 
Corporate executives whose jobs are protected from takeover bids are apt to make more frequent investments of their company's money, according to a new study from the University of Iowa's Tippie College of Business.

UI vision researcher Abramoff honored for innovation in telemedicine
Michael Abramoff, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of ophthalmology with University of Iowa Health Care, was among the recipients of the 2011 President's Awards for the Advancement of Telemedicine.

UI study finds livestock-related Staphylococcus strain in child care worker 
A new strain of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria associated with exposure to livestock was recently discovered in one Iowa child care worker who reported no contact with livestock, according to University of Iowa researchers.

UI Libraries commemorates Civil War sesquicentennial with exhibition, digital collection 
University of Iowa Libraries has launched a new exhibition and digital collection to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, and it's enlisting the help of a few good men and women (well, lots, really) to help make the collection even more accessible and useful.

UI Hawkeye Poll: Iowans undecided about 2012 judicial retention 
A High Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in Iowa sparked an uncharacteristically heated judicial retention vote, resulting in the ousting of three justices last year. With another justice up for retention in 2012, a University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll indicates that 87 percent of Iowans intend to vote on the matter – but nearly half haven't decided how they'll vote.

UI students presented health-related research at poster session 
Forty-three students presented their research April 26 at the 12th Annual Student Interdisciplinary Health Research Poster Session held by the University of Iowa Interdisciplinary Health Group.

UI-led research team identifies receptor for Ebola virus 
A team of researchers has identified a cellular protein that acts as a receptor for Ebola virus and Marburg virus. Furthermore, the team showed that an antibody, which binds to the receptor protein, is able to block infection by both viruses.


April 2011 

UI researchers receive ICTS Pilot Grant Awards 
Sixteen University of Iowa researchers from 13 departments have received one-year pilot grant awards of up to $50,000 each through the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS).  

Study finds Avastin, Lucentis equally effective for age-related macular degeneration 
Researchers are reporting results from the first year of a two-year clinical trial that Avastin, a drug approved to treat some cancers and that is commonly used off-label to treat age-related macular degeneration (AMD), is as effective as the Food and Drug Administration-approved drug Lucentis for the treatment of AMD. 

Hawkeye Poll: Iowans remain on the lookout for a standout GOP contender 
The Iowa Caucuses are still several months out, but a University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll released today suggests that Iowans aren’t completely sold on the preliminary roster of GOP candidates. Presented with a list of potential GOP contenders and asked which one they’d support if the caucuses were today, one-quarter of Iowans (26 percent) said they would choose “someone else,” and 11 percent weren’t sure whom they’d pick. 

Law researcher suggests amending sex offender laws to improve viability 
A University of Iowa legal researcher suggests the Iowa legislature modify the state law that restricts where convicted sex offenders can visit before the whole law is thrown out as unconstitutional. 

UI Arts Share program receives Alliant Energy grant 
The University of Iowa Arts Share program has received a $3,000 grant from the Alliant Energy Foundation to support its 2011 educational outreach activities to Iowa schools and communities. The grant will cover up to half the cost of events in the Alliant service area.

Hawkeye Poll: Majority of Americans supports Social Security reform 
President Obama has recently alluded to changing Social Security benefits to balance the budget, and a national University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll released today suggests most Americans support such a move.

CGRER researchers develop air pollution prediction system for Santiago, Chile 
A study conducted by CGRER researchers — and published in the May issue of the journal Atmospheric Environment — describes a system to predict periods of high air pollution is attracting attention in Santiago, Chile, a city of nearly 6 million people.

UI cancer researcher teams to receive Oberley Seed Grants 
Six teams of researchers at Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa, including faculty from three UI colleges, have received 2011 Oberley Seed Grant Program awards.

Face it: Human perception isn’t unique (, April 18)
Humans aren’t the only ones who are able to recognize facial identity and emotional expression—pigeons can too.

UI study shows empowered workers are better, more productive workers 
A new study from the University of Iowa confirms that workers who feel empowered by their employers have higher morale and are more productive, regardless of their industry, job or even culture 

UI discovery of relationship between proteins may impact development of cancer therapies 
By identifying a surprising association of two intracellular proteins, University of Iowa researchers have laid the groundwork for the development of new therapies to treat B cell lymphomas and autoimmune disease.

UI cancer researcher receives Aiming for a Cure Foundation grant 
Barbara Stegmann, M.D., assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology, was awarded a two-year, $60,000 award to study damage caused to the ovaries in girls and adolescents receiving chemotherapy. The grant was effective March 1.

In-Car Cameras Protect Teenage Drivers, Study Finds (New York Times, April 1)
Researchers have found an effective way to curb distracted driving among teenagers: capture video of them behind the wheel.

School of Journalism and Mass Communication awarded $15,500 from McCormick Foundation 
The McCormick Foundation awarded the School of Journalism and Mass Communication in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences a $15,500 grant to bring 12 minority high school students from the Chicago Public School District to the University of Iowa for a summer journalism workshop.

Target grant funds UI dance company's IC elementary school performances
The University of Iowa Arts Share program has received a $2,000 arts and culture grant from Target to fund dance performances at four Iowa City elementary schools on April 22. Dancers in Company (DIC), the repertory dance company of the UI Department of Dance, will perform at Mark Twain, Grant Wood, Kirkwood and Coralville Central elementary schools.

UI faculty win 2011 national orthopedics clinical research award 
Three faculty in the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine recently received the 2011 Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) Clinical Research Award at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in San Diego, Calif.

UI English faculty member D'Agata heads list of UI Guggenheim winners 
John D'Agata, a faculty member in the Nonfiction Writing Program of the University of Iowa English department, has been awarded a 2011 Guggenheim Fellowship. The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation announced the awarding of 180 fellowships, selected from among more than 3,000 applications in research and artistic creation, on April 7.

After stroke, add antidepressants  (, April 11)
Taking a short course of antidepressants after a stroke appears to boost physically recovery months after the medication is stopped.

UI study suggests antidepressants aid physical recovery in stroke 
A University of Iowa study finds that patients treated with a short course of antidepressants after a stroke have significantly greater improvement in physical recovery than patients treated with a placebo. Moreover, the study is the first to demonstrate that this physical recovery continues to improve for at least nine months after the antidepressant medication is stopped.

UI research shows that some features of human face perception are not uniquely human 
When it comes to picking a face out of a police lineup, would you guess that you would use some of the same processes a pigeon might use? If you said "yes," then you're right.

Virtual Soldier Research program wins U.S. Navy contract worth up to $8.6 million 
A team of University of Iowa researchers has received a five-year contract worth up to $8.6 million from the U.S. Navy for a project that could ultimately save lives and increase combat effectiveness by having military personnel carry lighter loads into combat.

How Copyright Law Hurts Music, From Chuck D to Girl Talk (The Atlantic, April 12)
A conversation with Kembrew McLeod, co-author of Creative License: The Law and Culture of Digital Sampling

Marketing researcher examines how we remember what we don’t remember 
Marketing researcher Rob Rouwenhorst has found that just because you zip through the commercials while watching your favorite TV shows on your DVR doesn’t mean the sales pitches aren’t getting through.

March 2011

UI researcher to study the biological complexities of preterm birth 
A research team led by Dr. Jeff Murray was awarded $600,000 over four years by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund under the Preterm Birth Initiative.

UI researcher wins prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER award 
A prestigious award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) will help a University of Iowa researcher to study novel metal compounds that may lead to cleaner and more energy-efficient synthesis in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

Iowa Flood Center Develops Web-Based Flood Map for Des Moines 
One of the greatest flood-related challenges facing Iowans is the lack of information relating predicted flood peaks to the potential impacts on homes and businesses. However, a new flood-prediction tool developed by the Iowa Flood Center (IFC) at the University of Iowa can now help Des Moines residents better understand their flood risks and anticipate the impact of future projected floods. 

Lost protein leads to cystic fibrosis (, March 22)
A misprocessed protein that ends up in the wrong cellular location leads to symptoms of cystic fibrosis, including lung disease and gastrointestinal abnormalities. 

UI undergraduates share research for a healthy Iowa in Des Moines March 22 
More than 60 undergraduate students from the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa will showcase innovative undergraduate research on everything from the benefits of diverse biofuel crop plots on butterfly populations to the relationship between infant emotionality to behavioral problems in childhood. 

UI researcher helps map nitrogen footprint 
Nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide, accounts for about six percent of human-induced climate change, but researchers don’t know where 30 percent its global emissions come from. 

Tomblin receives Callier Prize for communications disorders research 
J. Bruce Tomblin, Ph.D., University of Iowa expert in child language disorders, has received the 2011 Callier Prize from the Callier Center for Communication Disorders at the University of Texas at Dallas. 

New muscular dystrophy mars cognition (, March 10)
Scientists have identified a new gene mutation that causes a type of muscular dystrophy that manifests itself in cognitive ways, not muscular ones. 

UI team identifies new form of muscular dystrophy 
A strong international collaboration and a single patient with mild muscle disease and severe cognitive impairment have allowed University of Iowa researchers to identify a new gene mutation that causes muscular dystrophy. 

Depression, anxiety not synonymous (, March 4)
Anxiety and depression are often lumped together, but the way they manifest themselves is quite different, a significant finding for diagnosis and treatment purposes. 

UI study: Depression and anxiety differentially influence physical symptom reporting 
Researchers have for decades hypothesized that negative emotions lead to inflated reports of common physical symptoms, like headaches or an upset stomach. But a new University of Iowa study suggests that two negative emotions –- depression and anxiety –- influence symptom reporting in different ways. 

John Brooks, Pharmacy Practice and Science (University of Iowa "fyi," March 2)
When it rains, it pours. At least that’s true for John Brooks, a professor in the UI College of Pharmacy who since Aug. 1 has been awarded three federal grants totaling $3.4 million to support his cutting-edge research in comparative effectiveness. 

UI nurse-midwife receives March of Dimes Grant for centering pregnancy program 
Laura Dellos, a certified nurse-midwife and clinical assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, has received a $24,043 grant from the Iowa Chapter of the March of Dimes through its community grants program. 

Carver Trust grants will advance UI student and faculty research 
The Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust, of Muscatine, Iowa, recently awarded two grants to the University of Iowa that will advance student and faculty research efforts. The grants, totaling $223,500, were made through the UI Foundation.

February 2011 

UI team investigates function of 'junk DNA' in human genes 
Part of the answer to how and why primates differ from other mammals, and humans differ from other primates, may lie in the repetitive stretches of the genome that were once considered "junk." 

TB testing in Iowa receives a federal boost 
Two recent grants awarded to the State Hygienic Laboratory will speed the detection of tuberculosis, fund training and improve testing for the disease. 

Spotlight: Dental prof studies use of floride (The Daily Iowan, February 28)
Steven Levy is a tooth expert. The 54-year-old University of Iowa dental professor is a lead researcher with an extensive team of collaborators on the Iowa Fluoride Study and Iowa Bone Development Study. The studies and examinations investigate the fluoride intake and dental fluorosis in several hundred of the nation’s youth. 

UI researcher finds that risk management is goal of many merger waves 
A University of Iowa finance researcher has discovered that while corporations often use mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to increase revenue or market share, they also use them as a risk management tool to cope with volatility in their own industry. 

Study sees no link between vitamin D, diabetes (Reuters, February 22)
Low levels of vitamin D don't put older women at greater risk for type 2 diabetes, a large study of U.S. women suggests.The findings may further temper the enthusiasm for vitamin D that built up in recent years, as studies linked it to lower risks of everything from diabetes, to severe asthma, heart disease, certain cancers and depression. 

A peek into New York counterculture via Lil Picard 
Only in America—or should we say, only in New York City in the ’60s and ’70s, in the hot spot of the world of art—could a refugee German Jewish cabaret performer, born Lilli Elisabeth Benedick in 1899, reinvent herself as Lil Picard…artist, feminist, and activist. 

UI researcher wins prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER award 
A prestigious award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) will help a University of Iowa researcher to study the near-Earth solar wind that influences such phenomena as the northern lights and can interfere with satellite-based communications systems. 

Engineering researchers receive $280,000 to study fluid dynamics 
Two University of Iowa College of Engineering researchers have received a $280,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for a study of fluid dynamics and, in particular, how fluids move around riverine structures.  

New Concept Aims to Improve Training Effectiveness (Rockwell Collins, Inc) 
A team comprised of Rockwell Collins, Advanced Infoneering, Inc. (AI2) and The University of Iowa Operator Performance Laboratory (OPL) has been awarded a Phase 2 contract by the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division, Orlando. This contract will allow further development in a new concept for mass military training called Skill Appropriate Training Environment (SKATE). SKATE is aimed at ensuring that mass military training exercises are tailored to individual skill sets versus a ‘one fits all’ approach

Biomedical research offers perfect mix for Davidson 
Beverly Davidson comes from a very medically inclined family. Her father was the family physician for the small town of Alma in south central Nebraska where she grew up, her mother was a nurse, and her three siblings have become a neurosurgeon, a physical therapist, and a medical technician. 

UI anthropologist explores how Native Americans adapted to climate change 
This month’s Explorers Lecture at the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History, set for 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 17, will examine how Native Americans on the Great Plains adjusted their hunting practices in reaction to climate change over the past 13,000 years 

UI vision researcher receives grant to study inflammatory eye disease 
Vinit Mahajan, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, has received a five-year, $1.2 million Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award from the National Institutes of Health. 

Research to Prevent Blindness renews support to UI 
Research to Prevent Blindness has awarded a $100,000 grant to support vision research at the University of Iowa Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences. The funding supports research into the causes, treatment and prevention of blinding diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. 

Meds may exacerbate brain tissue loss,, Feb 8. 
Loss of brain tissue that at times occurs in patients with schizophrenia may be accelerated by antipsychotic medication commonly used to treat the condition. The findings, published in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry, suggest that physicians should use the lowest effective dose of antipsychotics when treating patients. 

Podcast: UI researcher studies space weather with $30 million NASA grant 
For better or worse, most of us have been affected by something called "space weather" without even realizing it. To learn more, and hear how UI researcher Craig Kletzing plans to use a $30 million NASA grant to study space weather, listen to the February edition of "Iowa Insights." 

UI biologist describes genome of 'canary in coal mine' for freshwater ecology 
Genes that may appear, at first glance, to be duplicates can be essential to the nature of an organism. That is the message of a paper published in the Feb. 4 issue of the journal Science by John Manak, assistant professor of biology in the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and colleagues. They describe the draft genome of an organism that serves as a kind of "canary in the coal mine" for the ecology of freshwater streams and ponds. 

Antipsychotic drugs may contribute to brain tissue loss in schizophrenia 
Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to track how brain volumes change over time, researchers at the University of Iowa have found that antipsychotic medications commonly used to treat schizophrenia appear to contribute to the loss of brain tissue that sometimes occurs in patients with this condition. 

UI study finds releasing bad earnings news earlier means fewer lawsuits 
When companies are looking at bad earnings news, a new study from the University of Iowa suggests it's best to remember what we learned as kids. "If a child does something wrong and tells his mother about it, he'll probably be in less trouble than if mom finds out about it on her own," said Richard Mergenthaler, an accounting professor in the Tippie College of Business.

Podcast: UI researcher studies space weather with $30 million NASA grant
For better or worse, most of us have been affected by something called "space weather" without even realizing it. To learn more, and hear how University of Iowa researcher Craig Kletzing plans to use a $30 million NASA grant to study space weather, listen to the February edition of "Iowa Insights."

January 2011 

CLAS names 2011 Collegiate Fellows 
Three University of Iowa professors have been named Collegiate Fellows of the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) in recognition of their distinguished teaching, research and service. The 2011 Collegiate Fellows are: Helena Dettmer, CLAS associate dean and professor of classics; William LaRue Jones, professor of music; and Jodie Plumert, professor of psychology.

Russell appointed to new professorship in vision research 
Stephen Russell, M.D., professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences with University of Iowa Health Care, is the inaugural recipient of the Dina J. Schrage Professorship in Macular Degeneration Research.The professorship was established in the UI Carver Family Center for Macular Degeneration through a gift to the UI Foundation from the estate of Dina J. Schrage. 

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center announces research seed grants 
The research review committee of the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa has announced the recipients of the second round of the 2010 American Cancer Society seed grant awards.The awards allow junior faculty members and independent research scientists to explore new ideas related to the cause, prevention and treatment of cancer. 

Beckermann Receives NASA Grant to Study Metal Solidification 
Christoph Beckermann, University of Iowa Foundation Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of the Solidification Laboratory in the College of Engineering, recently received a three-year, $450,000 NASA grant to study the effects of convection on the solidification of metal alloys. 

Research shows extent of damage to stock market by housing collapse
A new study by University of Iowa finance researchers shows that the ongoing housing market collapse rippled into the stock market in ways that previous collapses had not. The result, they suggest, is a significantly larger amount of damage to the economy than what was caused by the previous housing bust and that will take even longer to fix. 

UI presents first post-flood faculty art exhibition Jan. 27 to March 6 at Figge
"Those Who Can: The University of Iowa School of Art & Art History Studio Faculty Exhibition" will be on view Jan. 27 through March 6 in the third-floor gallery space of the Figge Art Museum, 225 W. 2nd St. in Davenport. A reception will honor the artists 3-5 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 30

McLeod's film examines hip-hop and copyright laws (Chronicle, Jan. 5)
Kembrew McLeod’s youthful interest in 1980s hip-hop became a life-long scholarly pursuit when some of the groups he’d listened to as a teenager were sued in the early 1990s for using samples of previously recorded music.

December 2010 

The case of th​e fear free brain (, December 17) 
A case study of the patient—reported in the journal Current Biology—pinpoints the amygdala as fear central in the brain. The discovery could improve treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other anxiety conditions, say researchers. 

Fear discovery could lead to new interventions for PTSD 
Researchers at the University of Iowa have pinpointed the part of the brain that causes people to experience fear -– a discovery that could improve treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other anxiety conditions. 

Cerro Gordo County study to measure arsenic in private wells 
A five-year study to measure arsenic in water from private residential wells in Cerro Gordo County has received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The State Hygienic Lab will provide testing for the project that is being led by the Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health. 

Undergrads show off research projects (The Daily Iowan, December 9) 
Nico Aguilar stood by his corkboard, watching roughly 200 spectators and graduate students milling around the second floor of the University Capitol Centre on Wednesday. When someone stopped in front of his display, the University of Iowa senior jumped into a complex explanation of brain cancer. 

Diversity more than doubles learning (, December 6) 
Outside a laboratory setting, one month after training, children in a new study who had been exposed to a diverse group of objects were learning an average of nearly 10 new words per week. Toddlers in a group that were given like objects were picking up four a week—typical for children that age without any special training. 

UI working with eight Iowa communities on new economic development strategies 
A University of Iowa project is underway to help eight selected towns around the state find a new way to create a community-wide economic development plan that can be used as a model by other small towns in Iowa. 

Hawkeye Poll: public opinion favors legalization of marijuana for medical purposes 
According to a national University of Iowa poll released today, 65 percent of those sampled said they favored legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. This support appears to be widespread. A majority of Democrats (69 percent), Republicans (57 percent) and Independents (77 percent) favor medical marijuana.

Carmichael Addresses International Symposium on Environmental Issues
Greg Carmichael, Karl Kammermeyer Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering in the University of Iowa College of Engineering and co-director of the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research (CGRER), delivered the keynote address at the International Environmental Cooperation Symposium Nov 9. 

Pottersville towns remain 70 years later 
Great Depression-era bank suspensions have had a lasting harmful effect on the hardest-hit communities, affecting suicide rates and disheartening residents decades later. 

November 2010 

Obermann Graduate Institute selects 15 students for fellowships 
Fifteen graduate students will participate in the Graduate Institute for Public Engagement, sponsored by the University of Iowa Obermann Center for Advanced Studies and the Graduate College. They will focus on how publicly engaged teaching, research and creative work can advance their careers while addressing community needs. 

UI physicist uses the moon in search for elusive ultra-high-energy neutrinos 
The phrase "harvest moon" recently took on a new meaning as a University of Iowa astrophysicist and his UI colleagues used the moon in an attempt to harvest evidence of elusive cosmic particles called ultra high energy (UHE) neutrinos in the most sensitive such radio search ever attempted. 

Ali receives Carver Trust grant to help students explore health science professions 
Saba Rasheed Ali, an associate professor in the University of Iowa Counseling Psychology Department in the College of Education, received a grant of more than $11,000 to expand a career education program called Project HOPE (Healthcare, Occupations, Preparation, Exploration): Pipeline Education for Underserved Rural Students. 

Test screens deafness genes en masse 
Previously, the process involved sequencing one gene at a time, a process that could take up to a year and cost roughly $1,000 per gene—for a total cost of about $75,000. The new test will cost about $2,000 and take one to three months to complete, meaning quicker answers for families waiting to determine treatment options

UI study suggests experience does not help novice investors 
Intuition tells us that the more often we do something, the better we get. But a new study from the University of Iowa shows that beginning investors actually earn poorer returns from their investments as they get more experience, and that it takes 24 trades before they’ve learned the ropes.


October 2010

UI vision specialist receives Knights Templar research grant
The Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc., awarded its $40,000 Pediatric Ophthalmology Research Grant to Steven Stasheff, MD, PhD, in the Department of Pediatrics and the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City, Iowa, during its meeting on October 23 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Service effort puts human face on research oversight 
Andy Bertolatus looks quite comfortable in his office in the new University of Iowa Human Subjects Office (HSO) space on the first floor of Hardin Library. He became the executive director of the HSO on July 1. His appointment is just the latest in a string of changes aimed at improving efficiency in and overall satisfaction with the office.

UI’s Just receives grant to create student sustainable citizenship communities 
A University of Iowa engineer is teaming up with Columbia University and the National Geographic Society to educate thousands of students in sustainability concepts by establishing living-learning communities at large, public universities across the country.

Iowa research center sees ongoing economic recovery next year
Personal income and state tax revenues could increase significantly in the coming year, but employment will continue to lag, according to the latest quarterly economic forecast produced by the University of Iowa’s Institute for Economic Research.

UI faculty plan trip to Gulf Coast to study effects of BP oil spills
During the next few weeks, the University of Iowa Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering will bid a temporary farewell to professor Thanos Papanicolaou and two other research staff members. The three will attempt to learn what negative effects the BP oil spill in April may have had on the ecosystem.

UI researchers help forecast air quality for India’s Commonwealth Games
Researchers at the University of Iowa's Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research are working with the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology in Pune to provide official air quality forecasts for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.  

Kirby analyzes how bacteria move (U.S. News, Oct. 8)
Jokes that open with a bacterium walking into a bar just got a little less far-fetched.  Some bacteria can just stand up and toddle away on hairlike legs, a new study shows.

Grant helps UI students with disabilities transition to independent living 
University of Iowa students with intellectual disabilities who obtain a two-year certificate from the institution will now have even more support to transition to independent living thanks to a five-year, $2.5 million U.S. Department of Education grant.

September 2010

Eye researchers receive $1.1 million Defense Department grant 
Vision specialists at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City have received a $1.1 million research grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to study objective methods of testing visual dysfunction in patients with brain injuries or cognitive impairment. 

UI researcher presents at Washington, D.C., ‘Distracted Driver Summit’ 
Daniel McGehee, director of the University of Iowa Public Policy Center's Human Factors and Vehicle Safety Research Program and adjunct associate professor in the Colleges of Engineering and Public Health, will deliver Tuesday, Sept. 21, at the Second National Distracted Driver Summit in Washington, D.C.  (View presentation

UI study: IVF does not negatively affect academic achievement 
Children conceived by in vitro fertilization (IVF) perform at least as well as their peers on academic tests at all ages from grade 3 to 12, according to a new University of Iowa study. 

UI researchers design tool to improve Wikipedia accuracy 
A group of University of Iowa researchers are developing a new tool that can detect potential vandalism and improve the accuracy of Wikipedia entries. The tool is an algorithm that checks new edits to a page and compares them to words in the rest of the entry, then alerts an editor or page manager if something doesn’t seem right. 

UI’s Forbes nets grant to improve elementary science education teaching 
Elementary educators (grades K-6) are expected to be content experts in many different areas -– from math and literacy to science.  Yet few of them have the specialized training and support necessary to excel in this critical content area, according to Cory Forbes, science education assistant professor in the University of Iowa College of Education. 

UI scientists collaborate on pneumonia discovery (Drug Discovery & Development, Sept. 21) 
A structural molecule and the cellular pump that regulates its levels influence the severity of pneumonia and could provide new ways of treating the lung infection, which is a leading cause of hospitalization and death, according to scientists at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Iowa. Their findings are available online in Nature Medicine

UI to study behavioral risks for orofacial birth defects 
Investigators in the University of Iowa College of Public Health have been awarded a five-year, $2.6 million grant from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, part of the National Institutes of Health to study the causal effects of maternal risk behaviors on cleft lip and cleft palate.

UI's Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Center awarded $7.8 million grant  
The Paul D. Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Cooperative Research Center at the University of Iowa has received a five-year, $7.8 million grant renewal from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke to advance its work on finding treatments for muscular dystrophies. 

Engineer receives NSF grant to investigate tools for the study of floods 
If researchers had better numerical and analytical tools to use in studying the large volumes of rainfall that are converted into rushing water in streams and rivers, then they could better describe the likely course of floods. The fact that such tools might be developed through a collaboration between hydrologists and mathematicians is the basis for a three-year, $703,320 National Science Foundation  grant made to Witold Krajewski, director of the Iowa Flood Center at the University of Iowa, and his colleagues. 

UI multi-drug resistant bacteria study is cited (Huffington Post, Sept. 15) 
In 2005, U.S. hospitals treated more than 278,000 MRSA cases. Nearly 100,000 people faced life threatening illness and 18,650 died: 50 percent more than the number of AIDS death that year. 

Structural defects precede functional decline in heart muscle (, Sept 3) 
The disruption of a structural component in heart muscle cells, which is associated with heart failure, appears to occur even before heart function starts to decline, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine.

UI researchers receive Looking into Clinical Connections grants 
Three pairs of University of Iowa researchers have received one-year Looking Into Clinical Connections (LINCC) pilot grants through the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science at the UI. 

UI market research is cited (Summit Daily News, Sept. 2) 
The specter of Big Boxes has returned yet again to Summit County. Citizens of Silverthorne and county residents are holding their breath as the town council prepares to vote in the wake of the planning commission's approval.

UI research suggests that financial models can benefit from lessons in meteorology 
A group of University of Iowa researchers thinks that economists and investors might find it useful to take a cue from meteorologists.

UI study: parents’ preference for healthy foods withers when buying for kids
New research shows that while parents prefer nutritious foods for the entire family, their preference for healthy foods is about 50 percent weaker when they’re selecting products for the kids, rather than for themselves.

Researchers are following up on UI-tied aptitude tests administered in 1960 (Radio Iowa, Sept. 1) 
Researchers are trying to find members of the Class of 1960 who took part in a survey funded largely by the U.S. Department of Education called “Project Talent.” It included questions on math, science, reading and writing in an effort to assess the potential of young Americans in part in response to the space race with Russia. 

Physicist Spangler comments on research that reproduces solar plasma flares in the lab (Wired News, Sept. 1) 
Explosive bursts normally seen only on the surface of the sun can now be captured in a 13-foot-long tube using lab-created plasmas and bursts of laser light. 

UI heart disease research is cited (, Sept. 1) 
A University of Iowa study shows that T-tubule disruption starts to occur even before any decline in heart function is detectable. The study also finds that T-tubule disorganization gradually worsens over the progression of heart disease and correlates with the severity of cardiac hypertrophy and predicts heart function. Understanding how T-tubule disruption occurs may lead to new ways to diagnose or treat heart failure. 

UI study reveals principals use pizza parties, pep rallies to raise test scores 
Some Iowa high school principals use pizza parties, pep rallies, gift certificates and days off from school as motivational strategies to raise students' tests scores on high-stakes tests in reading, math and science. However, research conducted by Liz Hollingworth, assistant professor in educational policy and leadership studies in the University of Iowa College of Education, reveals that administrators rarely have tools in place to measure whether these activities are effective or even have an impact on test scores. 

August 2010

Nayakankuppam study shows that payday proximity affects consumer behavior (Deseret News, Aug. 30) 
SALT LAKE CITY — People who have just gotten paid are more likely to buy services or products that improve their lives.  However, as time elapses from payday, consumers' behavior changes, and they make purchases to preserve their standard of living, according to a new study.

Berkowitz receives federal grant to study digital communication 
The U.S. Department of Education has awarded University of Iowa Professor Dan Berkowitz a $70,000 grant to study training for the digital creative industries.

Study suggests 'hookups' can turn into meaningful relationships 
Relationships that start with a spark and not much else aren’t necessarily doomed from the get-go, new University of Iowa research suggests.In an analysis of relationship surveys, UI sociologist Anthony Paik found that average relationship quality was higher for individuals who waited until things were serious to have sex compared to those who became sexually involved in "hookups," "friends with benefits," or casual dating relationships.  Related story: New York Times, August 23

Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants arrive on UI campus 
Four Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants (FLTAs) have arrived at the University of Iowa where they will spend the next year in International Programs teaching Turkish, Indonesian, Hindi and Arabic and serving as cultural ambassadors for their home countries. The teaching assistants will also take two courses a semester as non-degree students during their year in Iowa.

UI researcher finds that bad leadership wrecks companies, despite what leaders wish 
When companies go out of business, their leaders often blame something other than their own performance for the failure. But a new study by a University of Iowa business professor suggests that when a company goes under, it’s more often than not the result of bad business decisions by its leadership. CEOs, he said, are more than just scapegoats.

UI receives grant to create new study abroad program in Tanzania
The University of Iowa will develop a new study abroad program in Tanzania, thanks to an almost $250,000 grant from the U.S. State Department. It is the first semester-long UI study abroad program in Eastern Africa and one of the first of its kind in the nation.

Virtual soldier may help NASA, amusement parks (The Daily Iowan, August 24) 
Santos, the University of Iowa virtual soldier computer program, is continuing to reach above and beyond his original call of duty. While Santos has been in operation for the past eight years, the program and its creators are now working toward contracts with NASA and amusement parks. By expanding the virtual-soldier program into new realms, the creators see a possibility to benefit many aspects of human life. That can be something as specific as testing what will happen on a new roller coaster by programming Santos to be a 5-6, 190-pound man with a mild left knee sprain. 

Student Project Uses Sonar to Measure River Levels 
A project spearheaded by a group of University of Iowa students has the potential to help hundreds of Iowa communities be better prepared in future years when floodwaters threaten. The team of engineering students has developed a relatively low-cost, automated sonar sensor that, when fixed to the underside of bridges, can transmit up-to-the-minute data on river stages.

Scheetz Involved in NIH Glaucoma Genetics Research 
Todd Scheetz, associate professor of opththalmology and visual science and biomedical engineering, and a researcher at the UI Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, is one of several UI investigators recently awarded access to the genotyping resources at the Center for Inherited Disease Research, which is supported by 14 institutes of the National Institutes of Health.

PCBs Found in Soon-to-be-Dredged Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal 
University of Iowa researchers have confirmed that sediments of the Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal (IHSC) in East Chicago, Ind., are contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The IHSC, part of the Calumet River tributary of Lake Michigan, will begin being dredged in the next few years to maintain the proper depth for ship traffic, with uncertain environmental impacts in regard to PCBs. Scientists aren't sure whether dredging will help the situation by removing the potentially harmful compounds or hurt it by stirring them up.

Lin Receives $1.4 Million Grant to Refine Digital Model of Human Lung 
Ching-Long Lin, professor of mechanical and industrial engineering in the University of Iowa College of Engineering and research engineer at IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering, has been awarded a four-year, $1.4 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study the interactions between pulmonary airflow, lung mechanics and cell response.

IWP convenes 2010 'United Nations of Literature' in the City of Literature 
Prominent writers from around the globe are once again converging on Iowa City, a UNESCO City of Literature, for the 2010 residencies of the University of Iowa International Writing Program (IWP).

IWP convenes 2010 'United Nations of Literature' in the City of Literature
The University of Iowa has once again been selected as one of only eight institutions in the U.S. to host Fulbright students from around the world for the Fulbright Gateway Orientation. Gateway students will go on to pursue graduate degrees in various subjects at institutions across the United States and the orientation prepares these students for all facets of their American experience.

NSF awards the UI $2.6 million IGERT for graduate student fellowships 
The National Science Foundation has awarded the University of Iowa a $2.6 million grant for graduate student fellowships in an interdisciplinary program, Geoinformatics for Environmental and Energy Modeling and Prediction (GEEMaP).

O'Harrow named director of UI Museum of Art 
Sean O'Harrow, executive director of the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, today was named the new director of the University of Iowa Museum of Art (UIMA). His selection follows a nationwide search process.

Lucille A. Carver Mississippi Riverside Environmental Research Station (LACMRERS) releases electronic brochure 
This interactive on-line brochure, published by IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering, includes links to specific related web sites, along with a short video featuring the research station.

UI researchers receive American Cancer Society seed grants 
Three University of Iowa researchers have each received a one-year American Cancer Society seed grant through the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the UI.

Iowa researcher suggests open borders are economic growth tool 
Countries that restrict labor movements might be missing out on a great economic development opportunity -- not only locally, but for the world as a whole, according to University of Iowa economist Gustavo Ventura.

UI biologists publish findings on cell interactions in national journal 
Two University of Iowa biologists have published a paper on how cells make specific interactions during development -- in the hope of one day learning more about human developmental disorders -- in the Aug. 2 issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Putting Science to Work (Computer Graphics World)
Digital humans with starring roles in feature films and video games might capture the most attention, but behind the scenes, software programs shaped like virtual people are hard at work in research institutions, industry, and, especially, in the armed forces. One such digital human, Santos, the first-born avatar in Iowa University’s Virtual Soldier Research (VSR) program, recently reported for duty in a new type of battleground: the US automobile industry.


July 2010 

Why black carbon’s in the climate hotseat (, July 30)  
Increasing the ratio of black carbon to sulphate in the atmosphere increases climate warming, finds a new study published in the journal Nature Geoscience. Black carbons—arising from such sources as diesel engine exhaust and cooking fires—are widely considered a factor in global warming and are an important component of air pollution around the world, according to Greg Carmichael, a professor of chemical and biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa

UI researchers delve into the past (Daily Iowan, July 29) 
With 800 fossils in tow, University of Iowa researchers have returned from an anthropology site halfway around the world. A recent excavation led by UI anthropology Professor Russell Ciochon may lead to discoveries of human origins. Ciochon and his team visited Ngandong, Java, Indonesia, to continue the work of a 1930s Dutch archaeological expedition. 

Student Grant Projects wrapping up at the State Hygienic Laboratory 
Student Grant projects that range from examining water sanitization to comparing bacteria on a dog's tongue are wrapping up this summer at the State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa. 

UI anthropologist describes early human dig site in Nature News story 
A University of Iowa anthropologist and his colleagues are featured in the July 28 online edition of Nature News discussing their latest dig to determine the geological source and precise age of the remains of Homo erectus on the island of Java. Homo erectus is a distinct species of early man that lived in Java between about 1.6 million and 50,000 years ago, or perhaps more recently. 

UI researcher finds black carbon implicated in global warming 
Increasing the ratio of black carbon to sulfate in the atmosphere increases climate warming, suggests a study conducted by a University of Iowa professor and his colleagues and published in the July 25 issue of the journal Nature Geoscience. 

UI Archeologists Dig RAGBRAI 
The RAGBRAI team from the University of Iowa will be clad in yellow, orange, and green jerseys, decorated in the center with the special seal of the Office of the State Archeologist — an anthropomorphized bird petroglyph called Birdman. 

Engineers receive $951,500 federal grant for UI green power initiative 
A team of University of Iowa engineers is using a one-year, $951,500 U.S. Department of Energy grant to increase the amount of green energy produced at the UI's Oakdale Renewable Energy Plant and to develop a "UI Green Power Initiative" that can be used as a model program for other universities across the country. 

Hancher awarded $20,000 Creative Campus Sustaining Strategies Grant 
The University of Iowa's Hancher has received a $20,000 Creative Campus Sustaining Strategies Grant awarded by the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Creative Campus Innovations Grant Program. Funding support for the program comes from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. The grant supports Hancher's efforts to build on the successes of "Eye Piece," an ambitious cross-campus collaboration that resulted in the 2010 world premiere of a play. 

UI-developed nanodevice could ditch pokey electrons (io9, July 20)
Modern computers rely on electrons moving through wires to transmit information, which is far, far slower than the fast-as-light optics we theoretically could be using. And now we've found the exotic material that might allow us to leave electrons behind. 

Obermann Center awards interdisciplinary research grants 
This summer, teams of researchers at the University of Iowa are studying cohabitation in the United States, Indian Americans' charitable giving, and cross-cultural approaches to learning geometry. The projects are supported by Obermann Center Interdisciplinary Research Grants.  

Iowa Flood Center receives $11.3 million for refunding, floodplain mapping project   
The Iowa Flood Center (IFC) at the University of Iowa recently received a one-year, $1.3 million renewal appropriation from the Iowa Legislature to fund its fiscal 2011 operations. In addition, the IFC has received a four-year, $10 million contract from the Department of Natural Resources under a Community Development Block Grant Program from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to conduct the Iowa Floodplain Mapping Project.  

UI researchers study RAGBRAI injuries 
A University of Iowa Health Care study of injuries sustained during the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, or RAGBRAI, could help organizers of the event better educate riders on safe riding practices and prepare medical services for certain quantities and types of injuries.

UI Public Health study: Chocolate cuts pregnancy risks (Lutterworth Mail, July 9)
The story is based on research that looked at whether regular chocolate consumption during pregnancy is associated with reduced risks of pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure.

Grants to support creation of ‘City of Literature’ documentary
Grants totaling $41,800 from three Iowa cultural organizations will support production of a new television documentary about Iowa's place in the literary landscape.

Grant funds UI Free Radical and Radiation Biology Training Program 
The Free Radical and Radiation Biology Program in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Iowa has received a five-year, nearly $1.4 million renewal of a training grant from the National Cancer Institute.

UI Honors Program recognizes UI students, professors, staff
The University of Iowa Honors Program presented 70 UI students with almost $75,000 in scholarships during its annual recognition ceremony in spring of 2010, to celebrate students' academic, extracurricular and research accomplishments. UI recipients of the major national and international scholarships were also recognized.

UI to install wind turbine today (Daily Iowan, July 6)
The UNIVERSITY OF IOWA was scheduled to install a 2.4-kilowatt wind turbine today at the south end of Madison Street that will serve as an educational tool for engineering students. The turbine is funded from a $39,778 grant from the Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation and Novel Development.

June 2010

UI researchers study Gulf Coast marshlands with eye on potential restoration 
Although it may be too early to know how the British Petroleum (BP) oil disaster will ultimately affect the grasses that comprise Gulf Coast marshlands, University of Iowa College of Engineering researchers are taking precautions.

UI Center for the Book receives $256,000 grant from anonymous donor
The University of Iowa Center for the Book has received a $256,000 grant from a private foundation, continuing a pattern of support from the anonymous donor. The grant will carry over three years, funding graduate student assistantships and a printing lectureship, and supporting professional development and programming for students and faculty.

McEntaffer: UI's very own rocket scientist (Daily Iowan, June 28)
RANDALL MCENTAFFER is, in simple terms, a rocket scientist. An assistant professor of astronomy and physics at his alma mater, the University of Iowa, his laboratory is hidden next to the stairwell in the basement of Van Allen Hall.

Budd studies coral adaptations (New Scientist, June 18)
The fringes of communities are hotbeds of creativity – even for corals. A new study, on which ANN BUDD of the University of Iowa collaborated, shows that Caribbean corals living on the outskirts of a reef evolve novel traits much faster than those at its heart. The study is one of the few to consider the rate of evolution as a factor for conservation, rather than simply the number of species in an ecosystem.

UI takes driver safety training program on the road to Cargill
The National Advanced Driving Simulator, a research unit of the University of Iowa College of Engineering, has begun a driver safety training program that can be specifically tailored for the particular needs and challenges of each participating business.

Insight into structure of HIV protein could aid drug design
Researchers at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine and University of Nebraska Medical Center have created a three-dimensional picture of an important protein that is involved in how HIV -- the virus responsible for AIDS -- is produced inside human cells. The picture may help researchers design drugs that can prevent HIV from reproducing.

UI study: marijuana has little effect on driving
A study reveals that marijuana has little effect on the group's simulated driving skills, but did find drivers were more easily distracted under the influence. Researchers from Hartford Hospital and the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Carver College of Medicine assessed the simulated driving performance of 85 subjects in a double-blind, placebo controlled trial.

Carver Trust awards grant to State Hygienic Laboratory for learning lab
The Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust has awarded the State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa a $300,000 challenge grant for the construction and outfitting of a learning laboratory in its new building on the UI Research Park campus in Coralville, Iowa.

May 2010

UI researchers find teen driver study improves driving safety
Using on-board, event-triggered video recorders to document the driving activities of new teenage drivers and sharing the videos with teen drivers and their parents can greatly reduce the number of potentially dangerous driving events. That is the finding of a study by Daniel McGehee, director of the Human Factors and Vehicle Safety Research Program at the University of Iowa Public Policy Center.

Ford Recruits Virtual Soldier to Boost Quality; Santos Feels the Same Strains That Humans Do
The new guy on the Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) assembly line is an inexhaustible tough guy with impeccable military and academic credentials.

Ford engineers use avatar developed at the UI (The Engineer, May 20)
Engineers at the Ford Motor Company are making use of a highly realistic avatar that can provide feedback on fatigue, speed and strength as it performs tasks in a virtual environment.

Abramoff team studies retinopathy algorithm (Modern Medicine, May 20)
A new automated detection algorithm appears to be as effective at detecting diabetic retinopathy as an established algorithm used in a large early-detection project, according to a study published online April 16 in the journal Ophthalmology.

Five Iowa communities selected for UI economic development pilot project
Five communities in Iowa have been selected to participate in a pilot program with the University of Iowa College of Law, looking for ways to strengthen their economies by improving cooperation between local governments and nonprofit organizations. 

UI researcher comments on national report's radon recommendations
A report released last week by the President's Cancer Panel focuses on underestimated cancer risks related to environmental contaminants and other harmful exposures, including radon. 

Photo feature: Have a look at the new State Hygienic Laboratory
The State Hygienic Laboratory at The University of Iowa held dedication ceremonies May 5 for its new building on the UI Research Park campus in Coralville.

State Hygienic Laboratory dedicates new building
The State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa held dedication ceremonies on May 5, 2010, for its new building on the UI Research Park Campus in Coralville. The three-story, 113,900-square-foot facility houses Iowa's environmental and public health laboratory.

Museum of Natural History celebrates its 25th anniversary
The Museum of Natural History’s Iowa Hall celebrated its 25th anniversary on Tuesday, May 11. See photos from the museum, and hear the notes of gratitude written by some of Iowa Hall's young visitors.

Researcher finds emotions outlive memory (San Diego Union Tribune, May 11)
New research from the University of Iowa shows that the feelings and emotions associated with an event or experience linger even after the actual memory fades or disappears.

Abdel-Malek develops human anatomy software firm (Quad City Times, May 10)
A story about Cyber-Anatomy Inc., an Iowa City company that sells 3-D human anatomy software to colleges and schools across the country, notes that its software was developed by KARIM ABDEL-MALEK, who heads the Center for Computer-Aided Design at the University of Iowa. The story also notes that the company’s operations manager is Alisha Heisterkamp, a junior at UI.

Schatteman comments on science, math education (Gazette, May 4)
GINA SCHATTEMAN, associate professor of integrative physiology in the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, describes how U.S. students are falling behind in math and science, why this is concerning and what is being done about it.

UI to host Iowa STEM Symposium, National Lab Day May 4
Iowa will have more informed business leaders, scientists and citizens if more students study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

Hancher nets NEA grants for projects featuring Kubinek, Carolina Chocolate Drops
An "Access to Artist Excellence" grant of $25,000 will support the commissioning and presentation of "Professor Kubínek Meets the Orchestra," a collaborative project of Hancher, artist Tomás Kubínek, and Orchestra Iowa. And an "American Masterpieces: Chamber Music" grant of $12,500 will support residency activities featuring the Carolina Chocolate Drops, an African-American string band.

April 2010

UI Research Park companies receive Prometheus Awards
Three companies located on the University of Iowa Research Park received prestigious Prometheus Awards from Technology Association of Iowa (TAI), in conjunction with LWBJ Financial.

ICTS website features Hygienic Lab video
Chris Atchison, director of the Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa, is also co-director of the ICTS community engagement key function. In a recent visit to the Laboratory, he invited members of ICTS to learn about the Lab and to consider collaborations with Laboratory staff. The video provides information about research and specific programs to give possible collaborators ideas for future partnerships.

UI researcher, colleagues discover two medium-sized black holes
A University of Iowa researcher and his colleagues have found good evidence for the existence of two medium-sized black holes close to the center of a nearby starburst galaxy, M82, located 12 million light years from Earth.

UI Superfund Research Program receives $16 million grant to study pollutants
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has awarded the University of Iowa Superfund Research Program (ISRP) a five-year, $16 million grant to study the health effects of environmental pollutants, especially polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) found in water, former industrial sites and the atmosphere.

UI awarded $15 million contract to continue fish passage research
IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering (IIHR), a part of the University of Iowa College of Engineering, recently received a new five-year, $15 million contract from Public Utility District No. 2 of Grant County (Grant Co. PUD), in the state of Washington.

NIH funds UI study on treating age-related macular degeneration
An interdisciplinary team of scientists at the University of Iowa has been awarded a five-year, $2.8 million grant from the National Eye Institute (NEI) to improve how doctors manage treatment for patients with the wet form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Study with pigs provides clues on lung disease caused by cystic fibrosis
Aided by a new experimental model, scientists are a step closer to understanding how cystic fibrosis (CF) causes lung disease in people with the condition.

UI granted re-accreditation for human subject protection and review programs
The University of Iowa was recently granted re-accreditation by the Association for the accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP).

Heistad earns award for high blood pressure research
Donald Heistad, M.D., University of Iowa faculty member, has been awarded the Irvine Page Distinguished Scientist Award from the American Society of Hypertension.

UI Research Park companies receive Prometheus Awards
Three companies located on the University of Iowa Research Park received prestigious Prometheus Awards from Technology Association of Iowa (TAI), in conjunction with LWBJ Financial.

NIH grant to fund UI research on primate and human evolution
Yi Xing, Ph.D., University of Iowa computational biologist, has received a five-year, $1.4 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to lead a study on the evolution of RNA processing in primates and humans.

UI Neurosurgery, Neurology honored for brain injury care, research
The Department of Neurosurgery and the Department of Neurology at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics have been honored by the Brain Injury Association of Iowa for their longstanding commitment to clinical care and research on behalf of patients with brain injury and their families.

UI imaging team receives $3 million cancer-related grant
A multidisciplinary team of scientists at the University of Iowa has received a five-year, $3 million grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for research to improve clinical decision-making for cancer patients through better use of medical imaging.

March 2010

UI Russian Program to receive $75,000 federal grant for advanced language study
The University of Iowa will receive a $75,000 federal grant for 12 UI students to study intensive advanced Russian language and culture at Iowa and in Russia.

IOWA Centers For Enterprise awards grants for technology commercialization
The University of Iowa Office of the Vice President for Research and the IOWA Centers for Enterprise have announced the award of $300,000 in grant seed funding to UI researchers for projects designed to expand the commercialization of UI technology.