United States Agency for International Development/Bureau of Latin America & the Caribbean

USAID/LAC Cuba Program RFA: Digital Democracy

Program Summary

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), represented by the Bureau of Latin America and the Caribbean (USAID/LAC), Office of Cuban Affairs is seeking applications for Cooperative Agreements for a three-year Civil Society program entitled “Digital Democracy.”

The intent of this project is to increase and expand the use of digital technologies and new media to facilitate the flow of uncensored information to, from, and within the island, and to support communication among the Cuban people, especially among independent civil society groups and networks. The program seeks to encourage the free exchange of ideas and distribution of information on a range of issues, by harnessing existing virtual networks and improving the use of existing technology on the island. Funding will support the use social media tools and/or other appropriate digital technologies (i.e., cell phones) by independent groups to support the flow of uncensored information. Strategic alliances and partnerships with specialized IT firms that will allow prospective applicants to leverage digital technologies and new media in new and creative ways are highly desirable. The program seeks to build upon USAID's previous projects with Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to utilize new design approaches and maximize the potential use of innovative technology on the island. Proposed programming should include activities that can leverage existing technology into new and creative uses in the immediate term, as well as present medium and long-term technological applications that facilitate the flow of uncensored information. In addition, selected implementing partners are expected to collaborate closely with USAID to participate in pilot-testing new applications of technologies identified through other programs supported by USAID.


Each organization may submit only one application, and each organization is eligible for only one Cooperative Agreement.

Award Information

USAID is contemplating awarding up to two Cooperative Agreements totaling up to $3 million per project for a period of up to three-years.

To comply with the limitation of one application per organization, please contact Cheryl Ridgeway (cheryl-a-ridgeway@uiowa.edu or 384-3332) in the Office of the Vice President for Research by Friday, July 13, 2012, if you are interested in applying.

Date Due to DSP or UIF07/20/2012
Date Due to Sponsor07/27/2012
Required LOI Due DateN/A
Non-Required LOI Due DateN/A
Sponsor URL:http://www.grants.gov/search/search.do;jsessionid=VhlJPsGQrns6xjfV5wGrGqMQn5xP9pn8JQ5hhmG66RpybR05G0X2!-232291924?oppId=180514&mode=VIEW

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