United States-India Educational Foundation

USIEF: Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative

Program Summary

The United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) announces an open competition for the support of projects through the Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative (OSI).  Announced by the U.S. and Indian governments, OSI aims to strengthen collaboration and build partnerships between American and Indian institutions of higher education.

Eligible institutions may submit proposals to support the program’s goals of encouraging mutual understanding, facilitating educational reform, fostering economic development, and engaging civil society through academic cooperation with Indian post-secondary educational institutions, in the thematic areas of energy; sustainable development; climate change; environmental studies; education and educational reform;  public health; and community development and innovation.


USIEF will accept one proposal per institution. 

Applications from community colleges, institutions serving significant minority populations, undergraduate liberal arts colleges, comprehensive universities, research universities, and combinations of these institutions are eligible. Secondary U.S. partners may include governmental or non-governmental organizations at the federal, state, or local levels as well as non-profit service, community, and professional organizations.

Award Information

The maximum award in the FY 2012 competition will be $250,000 for a three-year period. Requests for amounts smaller than the maximum are eligible.

Internal Selection Procedure
The UI Vice President for Research Office has established an internal review procedure to select the UI nominee. Applications will be reviewed according to the sponsor's selection criteria. Consideration will also be given to UI institutional strengths and strategic directions. Potential applicants must submit, using the preselection link below, the following information:
1. A two page CV
2. A description of the proposed project. It should have the following elements:
The above materials must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m., on Thursday, September 13, 2012. The selected nominee will be asked to complete the full application package in accordance with the sponsor's deadline of Thursday, November 1, 2012.

Proposal Due to OVPRED09/13/2012 Not open for submission deadline passed
Date Due to DSP or UIF10/25/2012
Date Due to Sponsor11/01/2012
Required LOI Due DateN/A
Non-Required LOI Due DateN/A
Sponsor URL:http://www.usief.org.in/Institutional-Collaboration/Obama-Singh-21st-Century-Knowledge-Initiative-Awards.aspx

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