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NIH: Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Awards (IRACDA) (K12)

Program Summary

The primary goals of the IRACDA program are to (1) develop a group of highly trained biomedical and behavioral scientists who have the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue research and teaching careers in academia; and (2) strengthen the overall teaching opportunities at partner institutions, with the expectation that it would further foster the development of next generation of a diverse pool of scientists who are available to address the Nation's biomedical and behavioral research needs. The specific objectives of this initiative are to:

The mentored research experience must fall within the scope of the NIGMS mission (, which is to support research that increases understanding of life processes and lays the foundation for advances in disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. NIGMS-funded researchers seek to answer important scientific questions in fields such as cell biology, biophysics, genetics, developmental biology, pharmacology, physiology, biological chemistry, bioinformatics, computational biology, selected aspects of the behavioral sciences and specific cross-cutting clinical areas that affect multiple organ systems.


Only one application per institution.


An IRACDA program involves a consortium of multiple institutions. The lead applicant institution must be an research-intensive institution (RII), and it must serve as the primary site of the postdoctoral research experience.

Scholars to be supported by the institutional career development program must be at the career level for which the planned program is intended. IRACDA scholars are expected to devote approximately 9 person-months (75% of full-time professional effort) to the mentored research and the remaining 3 person-months (25% of full-time professional effort) to the mentored teaching during their appointment on the K12 award.

Award Information

 Internal Selection Procedure 

The Office of the Vice President for Research has established an internal review procedure to select the UI nominee. Applications will be reviewed according to the sponsor's selection criteria. Consideration will also be given to UI institutional strengths and strategic directions. Potential applicants must submit, using the preselection link below, the following information:
1. A two page CV
2. A description of the proposed project. It should have the following elements:
  1. Additional pages may be added for references
  2. Please be sure the project is identified on each page and number the pages.
The above materials must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 17, 2012. The selected nominee will be asked to complete the full application package in accordance with the sponsor's deadline of Monday, September 24, 2012.

Proposal Due to OVPRED08/17/2012 Not open for submission deadline passed
Date Due to DSP or UIF09/17/2012
Date Due to Sponsor09/24/2012
Required LOI Due DateN/A
Non-Required LOI Due DateN/A
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