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NSF: Mid-Scale Innovations Program in Astronomical Sciences (MSIP)

Program Summary

A vigorous Mid-Scale Innovations Program (MSIP) was recommended by the 2010 Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey, citing "many highly promising projects for achieving diverse and timely science." As described in this solicitation, the Division of Astronomical Sciences will establish a new mid-scale program to support a variety of astronomical activities within a cost range up to $40M. This program will be formally divided into four subcategories: 1) limited term, self-contained science projects; 2) longer term mid-scale facilities; 3) development investments for future mid-scale and large-scale projects; and 4) community open access capabilities. The MSIP will emphasize both strong scientific merit and a well-developed plan for student training and involvement of a diverse and inclusive workforce in instrumentation, facility development, or data management.


A single organization may submit a maximum of three preliminary proposals as the lead institution. Full proposals are to be submitted only when invited by NSF, and no more than two invitations will be issued to a single organization. There is no limit to participation as a partner institution.

Award Information

Estimated Number of Awards: 2 to 4
Anticipated Funding Amount: $4,000,000 to $40,000,000
Minimum budget for full program duration is $4,000,000, with the exception of open access capabilities proposals for which there is no lower limit (see Program Description). Given anticipated program budgets, no more than one proposal (and possibly none) in the upper half of the funding range will be awarded in this cycle.
To comply with the limitation of two preliminary proposals per organization, please contact Mary Hall Reno ( / 335-1689) in the Department of Physics & Astronomy, if you are interested in applying.

Date Due to DSP or UIF09/09/2013
Date Due to Sponsor09/16/2013
Required LOI Due DateN/A
Non-Required LOI Due DateN/A
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