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The Amgen Foundation seeks to advance science education, improve quality of care and access for patients, and support resources that create sound communities where Amgen staff members live and work. The Amgen Foundation carefully considers each grant application it receives, seeking out diverse organizations whose philosophies, objectives and approaches align with the Foundation goals and mission.
The Foundation awards grants to local, regional, and international nonprofit organizations that are replicable, scalable and designed to have a lasting and meaningful effect in our communities. Grants should reflect Amgen's dedication to impacting lives in inspiring and innovative ways. Amgen Foundation grants range from $10,000 to multi-million dollar commitments.


Eligible organizations may submit one funding request every 12 months. The Foundation's review committees meet quarterly.

Philanthropic Focus

While it is not possible for every organization to receive funding, those that are in alignment with the Foundation's guidelines and programmatic vision outlined below are given careful consideration. 

Science Education
The Foundation is committed to raising the value of science literacy on a national and local level. The areas given priority consideration within science education are:

Quality of Care and Access for Patients

The Foundation funds programs dedicated to providing patients, caregivers and health care practitioners with information, education and access. The two areas given priority consideration within quality of care are:
The types of interventions the Amgen Foundation seeks to fund include strategies that aim to address problems at the root cause, help make a difference on the widest scale, and have a general benefit beyond a single institution; and programs that develop a framework that have the potential to be effective across various diseases and populations.

To comply with the limitation of one submission per organization per twelve-month period, please contact Cheryl Ridgeway ( in the Office of the Vice President for Research if you are interested in submitting a proposal. 

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