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NSF: High Performance Computing System Acquisition: Continuing the Building of a More Inclusive Computing Environment for Science and Engineering

Program Summary

The intent of this solicitation is to request proposals from organizations willing to serve as Resource Providers within the NSF eXtreme Digital (XD) program. The current solicitation is intended to complement previous NSF investments in advanced computational infrastructure by exploring new and creative approaches to delivering innovative computational resources to an increasingly diverse community and portfolio of scientific research and education.

The NSF's vision for Advanced Computing Infrastructure (ACI), which is part of its Cyberinfrastructure for 21st Century Science and Engineering (CIF21), focuses specifically on ensuring that the science and engineering community has ready access to the advanced computational and data-driven capabilities required to tackle the most complex problems and issues facing today's scientific and educational communities. To accomplish these goals requires advanced computational capabilities within the context of a multilevel comprehensive and innovative infrastructure that benefits all fields of science and engineering. Previous solicitations have concentrated on enabling petascale capability through the deployment and support of a world-class High Performance Computing (HPC) environment. In the past decade the NSF has provided the open science and engineering community with a number of state-of-the art HPC assets ranging from loosely coupled clusters, to large scale instruments with many thousands of computing cores communicating via fast interconnects, and more recently with diverse heterogeneous architectures. Recent developments in computational science have begun to focus on complex, dynamic and diverse workflows. Some of these involve applications that are extremely data intensive and may not be dominated by floating point operation speed. While a number of the earlier acquisitions have addressed a subset of these issues, the current solicitation emphasizes this even further.

An organization may submit only one proposal but may be a sub-awardee on other proposals responding to this solicitation.  Collaborative projects may only be submitted as a single proposal in which a single award is being requested. The involvement of partner organizations should be supported through sub-awards administered by the submitting organization. 

An individual may be the PI or Co-PI on no more than one proposal that responds to this solicitation. There is no limit on the number of proposals with which an individual may be associated in other capacities, such as senior personnel. 

Award Information
Anticipated Type of Award: Cooperative agreement. 
Estimated Number of Awards: 1 to 2 Resources. The length of the award may vary with the type of resource funded. The details are described in the section entitled Program Requirements and should be carefully considered.

Anticipated Funding Amount: $2,000,000 to $10,000,000 per award. A total of $12,000,000 is available for this solicitation, subject to availability of funds. It is anticipated that two awards will be made ranging from $2M to $10M per award.

To comply with the limitation of one application per organization, contact Richard Hichwa, Senior Associate Vice President for Research (, if you are interested in submitting a proposal to the NSF.

Date Due to DSP or UIF05/07/2014
Date Due to Sponsor05/14/2014
Required LOI Due DateN/A
Non-Required LOI Due DateN/A
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