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Some expired internal deadlines may still be open for applications if fewer than the eligible number of preliminary applications were received and the sponsor's deadline has not passed. Approval to apply to the sponsoring agency may be granted on a first come, first served basis. Contact OVPR staff to determine if an opportunity is still available.

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The following list includes all programs requiring institutional nominations that are currently open at the University of Iowa.

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Initial Due DateFoundation Date Grant NameNominations Allowed / Candidate(s)Contact InfoType
 08/31/2014 Costco's Giving Program 1/ 319-467-3897Not WINS
 05/13/2014 NIH: Team-Based Design in Biomedical Engineering Education (R25) 1/ 335-6052Not WINS
 09/25/2014 NIH: Bridges to the Doctorate (R25) 1/ 319-384-3332Not WINS
 09/25/2014 NIH: Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program (R25) 1/ 319-384-3332Not WINS
 05/14/2014 NSF: High Performance Computing System Acquisition: Continuing the Building of a More Inclusive Computing Environment for Science and Engineering 1/ 319-384-3332Not WINS
 06/17/2014 HHMI: National Request for Proposal for UTeach Replication 1/ 319-384-3332Not WINS
 05/06/2014 NIH: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Centers 2014 (U54) 1/ 319-353-3619Not WINS
 05/27/2014 NSF: Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE) in Engineering 1/ 319-335-5191Not WINS
 06/02/2014 NIH: Data Coordinating Center for the Collaborative Pediatric Critical Care Research Network (U01) 1/ 319-353-3619Not WINS
 06/02/2014 NIH: Collaborative Pediatric Critical Care Research Network (UG1) 1/ 319-353-3619Not WINS
 05/21/2014 NIH: Accelerating Medicines Partnership (AMP) in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus: Network Leadership Center (UM2) 1/ 319-353-3619Not WINS
 05/13/2014 CDC: Improving Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Prevention and Practice through National Partnerships 1/ 319-353-3619Not WINS
 03/03/201405/01/2014 NEH Challenge Grants 1/ 319-335-2102Not WINS
 03/04/201404/29/2014 NSF: Sustainability Research Networks Competition (SRN) 2014 Focus: Urban Sustainability 3/ 319-384-3332WINS
 03/06/201405/01/2014 Iowa Arts Council Project Grants 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 03/07/201405/23/2014 NIBIB Research Education Programs for Residents and Clinical Fellows 1/ 319-353-3619WINS
 03/07/201404/26/2014 Walmart: State Giving Program 1/ 319-467-3897WINS
 03/11/201406/13/2014 Beckman Scholars Program 2015 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 03/11/201407/14/2014 Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 03/11/201409/26/2014 Searle Scholars Program 2015 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 03/19/201405/14/2014 NIH: Alzheimer's Disease Core Centers (P30) 1/ 319-353-3619WINS
 03/19/201405/14/2014 NIH: Alzheimer's Disease Research Centers (P50) 1/ 319-353-3619WINS
 03/19/201405/14/2014 NEI Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Program Award (K12) 1/ 319-353-3619WINS
 03/20/201405/01/2014 NEH: Preservation Assistance Grants for Smaller Institutions 1/ 319-384-3332Not WINS
 03/24/201405/25/2014 NIH: MARC Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research (U-STAR) (NRSA) (T34) 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 03/25/201405/09/2014 LIFA: Lilly Innovation Fellowship Award 2014 2/ 319-353-3619WINS
 03/25/201405/02/2014 NIH: National Center of Excellence for the Prevention of Childhood Agricultural Injury (U54) 1/ 319-384-1505WINS
 03/28/201406/06/2014 NIH: Botanical Dietary Supplement Research Centers (BDSRC) (P50) 1/ 319-353-3619WINS
 04/22/201406/06/2014 NSF: Scalable Nanomanufacturing (SNM) 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 04/23/201405/28/2014 NIH Blueprint Program for Enhancing Neuroscience Diversity through Undergraduate Research Education Experiences (R25) 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 04/24/201406/19/2014 NIH: Consortium for Food Allergy Research (U19) 1/ 319-353-3619WINS
 04/24/201406/17/2014 NSF: Cultivating Cultures for Ethical STEM (CCE STEM) 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 04/28/201406/09/2014 NIOSH: Agricultural, Forestry and Fishing Safety and Health Research (U01) (Two deadlines -- see announcement) 1/ 319-384-3332Not WINS
 04/29/201406/24/2014 NSF: Research Traineeship (NRT) Program 2/ 319-384-3332WINS
 04/29/201406/03/2014 HRSA: Open Requests for Grant Proposals -- Varied Deadlines -- See Announcement 2/ 319-384-3332Not WINS
 04/29/201405/13/2014 DRL Open Calls for Statements of Interest/Requests for Proposals -- Varied Deadlines -- See Announcement 2/ 319-384-3332Not WINS
 04/30/201405/30/2014 ECA Open Requests for Grant Proposals -- Varied Deadlines -- See Announcement 1/ 319-384-3332Not WINS
 05/01/201406/27/2014 NSF: Innovation Corps Sites Program (I-Corps Sites) 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 05/06/201406/24/2014 NIH: Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Centers (P30) 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 05/07/201408/29/2014 St. Baldrick's Supportive Care Research Grants 2/ 319-353-3619WINS
 05/12/201407/01/2014 BRF: Scientific Innovations Award 2/ 319-353-3619WINS
 05/12/201406/19/2014 NIH: Transdisciplinary Collaborative Centers for Health Disparities Research Coordination Center (U54) 1/ 319-353-3619WINS
 05/13/201407/08/2014 NIH: Atopic Dermatitis Research Network (ADRN) (U19) 1/ 319-353-3619WINS
 05/13/201411/01/2014 Keck Grant Programs 2/ 319-384-3332Not WINS
 05/19/201407/07/2014 NSF: International Research Network Connections (IRNC) (Backbone) 2/ 319-384-3332WINS
 06/06/201408/01/2014 Mallinckrodt Foundation Grant Program 2/ 319-384-3332WINS
 07/01/201408/29/2014 CDC: Workers’ Compensation Surveillance 1/ 319-384-1505WINS
 07/30/201409/24/2014 NIH: Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Awards (IRACDA) (K12) 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 07/31/201409/26/2014 NSF: EarthScope National Office (ESNO) 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 08/11/201410/06/2014 NSF: Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) in Engineering and Computer Science 3/ 319-384-3332WINS
 08/18/201410/12/2014 NIH: Neurological Sciences Academic Development Award (K12) 1/ 319-353-3619WINS
 08/21/201410/17/2014 NSF: Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (ADBC) 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 09/03/201409/30/2014 NEH Summer Stipends 2015 2/ 319-384-3332WINS
 09/04/201411/03/2014 Scholl Foundation Grants 1/ 319-384-3332WINS
 11/10/201401/25/2015 NIH: NINDS Neuroscience Development for Advancing the Careers of a Diverse Research Workforce (R25) 1/ 319-353-3619WINS
 05/11/201507/13/2015 NSF: Collections in Support of Biological Research (CSBR) 3/ 319-384-3332WINS
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