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American Council on Germany Fellowship Programs

Apr 11 '14 UI DSP contact:

  • Deadline
  • Apr 30
  • 2014

Conflict of Interest: Researchers Must Complete Their Annual Financial Interest Disclosure by April 30, 2014

Apr 01 '14 UI DSP contact:

Approved FY 2015 Fringe Benefit Charge Rates

Apr 01 '14 UI DSP contact:

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  • Apr 22
  • 2014

Campus visit by NEH Office of Digital Humanities April 21-22, 2014 - Senior Program Officer Perry Collins

Mar 12 '14 UI DSP contact:

NIH Blog: Comparing Funding Rates, Award Rates

Mar 07 '14

Working with NCBI-Bibliography to Manage Publications for NIH Progress Reports

Feb 28 '14 UI DSP contact:

NIH Increases Salary Cap: Notice of Salary Limitation on Grants, Cooperative Agreements, Contracts

Feb 17 '14 UI DSP contact:

NIH Public Access Compliance Tips

Jan 29 '14 UI DSP contact:

NIH Increases Salary Cap

Jan 23 '14 UI DSP contact:

NIH Will Require Use of Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) for All Multi-Year Funded Awards

Dec 03 '13 UI DSP contact:

Guidance on Resumption of AHRQ Extramural Activities Following the Recent Lapse in Appropriations

Oct 28 '13 UI DSP contact:

Revised NIH Grants Policy Statement Published

Oct 28 '13 UI DSP contact:

KNODE: Cloud-based tool to connect biomedical researchers

Oct 11 '13 UI DSP contact:

Information for Grantees of Federal Funding during the Lapse in Federal Government Funding

Oct 01 '13

NIH notice and website for NIH information regarding government shutdown

Oct 01 '13 UI DSP contact:

Responses to Questions about Government Shutdown

Oct 01 '13 UI DSP contact:

Graduate and Undergraduate Students with measurable effort on NIH progess report must have an eRA Commons ID

Aug 16 '13 UI DSP contact:

NIH Requires Use of Updated Electronic Application Forms for Due Dates on/after Sept. 25, 2013

Aug 02 '13 UI DSP contact:

NIH: Unfunded? Repurpose Your Application

Jun 21 '13 UI DSP contact:

University of Iowa F and A Rates

Apr 30 '13

National Institute of Food and Agriculture NIFA Transitions to New Reporting System REEport

Apr 30 '13 UI DSP contact:

NIH: eSNAP Transitions to New Format: RPPR Research Performance Progress Report

Apr 18 '13 UI DSP contact:

Fringe Benefit Rates Approved for FY 2014

Mar 26 '13

UIowa: Impact of Federal Budget Sequestration on Research

Mar 05 '13

Awards for Non-bargaining Employees in the VPR Organization: Exceptional Performance Award; SPOT Performance Award - nominations

Feb 20 '13 UI DSP contact:

UIowa Staff Appreciation Grant Program

Feb 20 '13 UI DSP contact: