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Graduate College Fellowships and Prizes - various nomination deadlines

Jan 05 '12 UI DSP contact:

Graduate Student Funding - various application deadlines

Jan 05 '12 UI DSP contact:

Undergraduate Scholarships for International Programs - multiple deadlines

Jan 05 '12 UI DSP contact:

International Labor Affairs; Child Labor Issues

Aug 24 '11 UI DSP contact:

Research Collaborations with Switzerland

Jul 28 '11 UI DSP contact:

Small Grants for International Language Projects

Apr 09 '13 UI DSP contact:

Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research PEER to Support Scientists in Developing Countries

Oct 25 '11 UI DSP contact:

Developing, Implementing Digital Infrastructure for Humanities Research: U.S. - German Collaboration

Mar 18 '14 UI DSP contact:

Documenting Endangered Languages - Data, Infrastructure, Computational Methods - deadline Sept.

Nov 05 '13 UI DSP contact:

Democratic Practice, Sustainable Development, Peacebuilding in China and Balkans

Jan 09 '14 UI DSP contact:

European, US Policy Issues - Fellowships, Grants

Mar 15 '13 UI DSP contact:

Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences Research Collaborations between US and UK Researchers

Jul 24 '13 UI DSP contact:

Japan, Pakistan, East European Studies Fellowships and Grants - multiple programs, deadlines

Mar 15 '13 UI DSP contact:

Archaeology Fellowships, Grants, Scholarships, Publication - multiple deadlines

Jul 26 '13 UI DSP contact:

International Labor Affairs: Combating Child Labor; Improving Worker Rights and Safety - Grant and Contract Opportunities

May 15 '13 UI DSP contact:

Ukrainian Studies Grants, Scholarships - March 1

Jan 09 '14 UI DSP contact:

Grants to Support Biodiversity, Conservation, Sustainable Agriculture

Aug 27 '13 UI DSP contact:

Arts and Humanities Fellowships from the American Academy in Rome - various deadlines

Aug 05 '13 UI DSP contact:

Grants for Nonprofits to Assist Vulnerable Children in US and Internationally

Jan 25 '13 UI DSP contact:

Advancing Social Justice: LGBT Equality

Jun 05 '13 UI DSP contact:

China Sustainable Energy Program

Sep 19 '13 UI DSP contact:

Promoting International Higher Education, Democracy, Peace and Security

Jun 25 '12 UI DSP contact: