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US and United Kingdom Clean Water Collaboration

Apr 09 '13 UI DSP contact:

Slavic, East European, Eurasian Studies Prize Nominations - multiple programs, deadlines

Apr 04 '13 UI DSP contact:

European, US Policy Issues - Fellowships, Grants

Mar 15 '13 UI DSP contact:

Japan, Pakistan, East European Studies Fellowships and Grants - multiple programs, deadlines

Mar 15 '13 UI DSP contact:

France - US Partner University Fund Collaborations in Research, Graduate Education

Mar 15 '13 UI DSP contact:

  • Deadline
  • May 01
  • 2014

Antarctic Artists and Writers Program

Mar 04 '13 UI DSP contact:

  • Deadline
  • Feb 27
  • 2015

USAID: Family Planning, Reproductive Health Methods to Address Unmet Need - concept paper

Feb 20 '13 UI DSP contact:

UIowa Staff Appreciation Grant Program

Feb 20 '13 UI DSP contact:

Technology and Energy Collaborations with Israel

Feb 20 '13 UI DSP contact:

Short-term Travel Grants to Latin America - multiple deadlines

Feb 06 '13 UI DSP contact:

Travel Grants to Indonesia for Field Research, Conferences, Academic Projects - quarterly deadlines

Jan 28 '13 UI DSP contact:

Grants for Nonprofits to Assist Vulnerable Children in US and Internationally

Jan 25 '13 UI DSP contact:

Pain: Basic or Clinical Research; Collaborations among Researchers outside the US - Multiple programs, deadlines

Dec 11 '12 UI DSP contact:

Ocean Sciences: Ocean Drilling - deadlines Feb and Aug

Nov 08 '12 UI DSP contact:

Fulbright Specialist Program for Scholars and Professionals

Oct 18 '12 UI DSP contact:

Early Stage Social Entrepreneur Development

Sep 28 '12 UI DSP contact:

Study of International Organizations and Federalism - Graduate Thesis or Dissertation

Sep 12 '12 UI DSP contact:

International Opportunities for Faculty

Aug 27 '12 UI DSP contact:

Gilman International Scholarship Program for Undergraduates - semiannual deadlines

Aug 20 '12 UI DSP contact:

NSF: French-US Collaboration in Computational Neuroscience

Aug 09 '12 UI DSP contact:

Open Society Fellowships for Advocacy, Policy Change, Grassroots, Idea Entrepreneurs

Aug 08 '12 UI DSP contact:

European Union Research and Innovation Portal: Open Calls

Jul 26 '12 UI DSP contact:

British Society for the History of Science Grants

Jul 12 '12 UI DSP contact:

US-China Collaborative Software Research

Jul 06 '12 UI DSP contact: