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Promoting International Higher Education, Democracy, Peace and Security

Jun 25 '12 UI DSP contact:

Postdoctoral Fellowships for Scientists and Scholars to Study in Germany - no deadlines

May 17 '12 UI DSP contact:

Asian Studies Grants, Fellowships, Prizes - multiple deadlines

May 14 '12 UI DSP contact:

Fulbright Scholar Program Webinars - multiple deadlines

May 11 '12

Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowships

Mar 27 '12 UI DSP contact:

NASA: Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences ROSES 2012 - multiple deadlines

Mar 05 '12 UI DSP contact:

Research in the Arctic, Antarctic, Polar Environment, Safety and Health - multiple deadlines

Feb 29 '12 UI DSP contact:

Graduate College Fellowships and Prizes - various nomination deadlines

Jan 05 '12 UI DSP contact:

Graduate Student Funding - various application deadlines

Jan 05 '12 UI DSP contact:

Undergraduate Scholarships for International Programs - multiple deadlines

Jan 05 '12 UI DSP contact:

Research on World Educational Systems: Sepmeyer Program - annual deadlines Feb. and Aug.

Nov 21 '11 UI DSP contact:

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships in Nordic Research

Oct 27 '11 UI DSP contact:

Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research PEER to Support Scientists in Developing Countries

Oct 25 '11 UI DSP contact:

NSF: Science across Virtual Institutes SAVI

Oct 07 '11 UI DSP contact:

International Cancer Research Portfolio Database

Sep 13 '11

International Labor Affairs; Child Labor Issues

Aug 24 '11 UI DSP contact:

UI International Programs Funding Opportunities for Students

Aug 17 '11 UI DSP contact:

U.S. - Canada Fulbright Senior Specialists Program

Aug 02 '11 UI DSP contact:

Establishing Middle East Partnership Initiative MEPI - rolling applications

Aug 02 '11 UI DSP contact:

Research Collaborations with Switzerland

Jul 28 '11 UI DSP contact:

NSF: Research Collaborations between U.S. and Ireland

Jul 26 '11 UI DSP contact:

Epidemic Intelligence Service: Postgraduate Training in Epidemiology

May 27 '11 UI DSP contact: