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Graduate College Fellowships and Prizes - various nomination deadlines

Jan 05 '12 UI DSP contact:

Graduate Student Funding - various application deadlines

Jan 05 '12 UI DSP contact:

Crosscutting (Multi-Disciplinary) and NSF-wide Active Funding Opportunities

Jun 29 '11 UI DSP contact:

Travel Funds for UI Graduate Students to Present Their Research

Jan 16 '14

NSF Makes Subtle but Important Changes to Merit Review Rules

Jan 10 '12 UI DSP contact:

NSF: Computer Science Exploiting Parallelsim and Scalability - Feb. deadline

Dec 03 '13 UI DSP contact:

Early-Stage Innovative Radical Scientific Research Funding

Oct 28 '11 UI DSP contact:

Defense-related Strategic Environmental Research, Development SERDP- deadlines Jan. and March

Nov 15 '13 UI DSP contact:

Data-Intensive Education-Related Research Funding Opportunities

Apr 02 '12 UI DSP contact:

Petroleum Geology and Energy Geosciences - Graduate students

Nov 21 '13 UI DSP contact:

Research Collaborations with Switzerland

Jul 28 '11 UI DSP contact:

Division of Physics: Education and Interdisciplinary Research

Aug 08 '12 UI DSP contact:

Smart and Connected Health - NIH-NSF Interagency Initiative

Oct 03 '13 UI DSP contact:

Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research PEER to Support Scientists in Developing Countries

Oct 25 '11 UI DSP contact:

Secure, Trustworthy Cyberspace - multiple deadlines

Aug 17 '12 UI DSP contact:

NSF: New Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide PAPPG

Oct 11 '12 UI DSP contact:

NSF: Career-Life Balance Initiative CLB

Apr 19 '12 UI DSP contact:

NSF: Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Faculty Early Career Development

May 23 '13 UI DSP contact:

Advanced Scientific Computing Research ASCR - multiple deadlines

Oct 12 '11 UI DSP contact:

Computing Education for the 21st Century FAQs

Feb 17 '12 UI DSP contact:

Workshop: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Aug 24 '12 UI DSP contact:

Climate Research Funding - Multiple programs, deadlines

Aug 24 '12 UI DSP contact:

NSF: Earth Cube - Towards a National Data Infrastructure for Earth System Science

Oct 07 '11 UI DSP contact:

Documenting Endangered Languages - Data, Infrastructure, Computational Methods - deadline Sept.

Nov 05 '13 UI DSP contact: