UIowa eRouting Form Update: Personnel Section Changes


eRouting Form users will note that the Personnel Section has been expanded to collect information on the broader research team, requiring information on the UI Principal Investigator(s), Co-Investigator(s), and Other Personnel. This change responds to various needs, ensuring a complete eRouting process; a proper record of participation/distribution of credit; and an adequate screening for conflict of interest. Towards those goals, please begin listing all key members of the proposed project team, as defined here:
·       Principal Investigator – UI Principal Investigator information is critical to the eRouting process, which must reach each PI and corresponding department/college for approval, and to the proper distribution of Shared Credit, which may be split among multiple PIs. Also known as the Program Director or Project Director, the term Principal Investigator refers to the individual(s) charged with a primary leadership role in the project, who will oversee the project funding and/or academic progress. In order to serve as PI, an individual must be eligible to apply for external funding in accordance with UI policy, as described in the University Operations Manual Chapter 17.17(4)(f), Those Eligible to Apply for Research Grants, http://www.uiowa.edu/~our/opmanual/iii/17.htm#1717.
·       Co-Investigator – The UI Co-Investigator information, formerly optional, will now be required, ensuring a complete eRouting to participating departments/colleges and proper distribution of credit. A Co-I is defined as a senior/key person who will collaborate with the Principal Investigator(s) in the development and execution of the project. A Co-I works in close collaboration with the PI, making critical contributions through a defined and measurable effort, but assumes no primary leadership role.
·       Other Personnel – The new Other Personnel category won’t enter into the eRouting chain, but is intended to gather a more complete record of participation and to use that information, in part, to comply with new federal regulations on conflict of interest in research. This section is designed to capture essential project team members other than PIs and Co-Is, encompassing, at minimum, anyone who is named on the budget or whose biosketch/resume is sent to the sponsor. Such personnel may hold various titles and responsibilities for the design, conduct, or reporting of the research. Examples include UI-based research coordinators, research assistants, research scientists, postdoctoral fellows, collaborators, consultants, visiting scientists, and other personnel responsible for such activities as recruiting human subjects, collecting/analyzing research data, reporting research results, etc. Personnel employed and based at other institutions – e.g., collaborators, consultants, subcontractors, etc. – should not be included. Note that Other Personnel may or may not receive salary through the proposed sponsored project – i.e., may or may not be included in the proposal budget.
Please direct any questions, concerns, and feedback on this and other eRouting issues to the Division of Sponsored Programs, dsp@uiowa.edu or 335-2123. Your contributions are essential to the ongoing effort to improve our eRouting system.