Improving Student Persistence and Completion in Postsecondary Education


TG Philanthropy Grants  
TG Philanthropy will support efforts by non-profit entities that declare intent to use grant funding to improve student persistence and completion in postsecondary education. TG's first priority is that the primary beneficiaries of these efforts, either directly or indirectly, be students who are from low- to moderate-income families. Populations of focus include Latino/Hispanic students, students who are from other groups that are traditionally underrepresented in higher education, or students who are the first in their families to attend institutions of higher education.  (see link in left column for previous grants awarded)
TG neither lends nor grants money directly to individuals through this program.
Applying organizations are limited to two LOIs per year. Interested faculty should contact Cheryl Ridgeway  319-384-3332  in the Office of the Vice President for Research before submitting to make sure we don’t go over the limit of 2 LOIs per year.  Thanks!