NIH Requires Use of Updated Electronic Application Forms for Due Dates on/after Sept. 25, 2013

Dear Research Administrators,


NIH is transitioning to updated electronic application forms packages identified with a Competition ID of FORMS-C. See notice:


Cayuse has updated its system to include the FORMS-C application packages.  You may verify you have the correct application package by checking the Competition ID for FORMS-C.

For due dates on or after September 25, 2013, all applicants will be required to use FORMS-C packages, with the exceptions noted below. The requirement includes electronic applications submitted under the continuous submission policy, administrative supplement requests (Type 3), change of organization requests (Type 6) and change of grantee/training institution requests (Type 7) submitted September 25, 2013 and beyond. Multi-project applications that are transitioning to electronic submission beginning with the September 25, 2013 due dates (see NOT-OD-13-075) will also use FORMS-C packages.


The programs noted below will move to FORMS-C application packages as follows:


The FORMS-C will include the changes documented at:


Please pass this information on to pertinent faculty and staff and feel free to contact us with questions. 


Thank you.


Division of Sponsored Programs