NIH notice and website for NIH information regarding government shutdown

Sent: Tuesday, October 01, 2013 9:35 AM
Subject: NIH notice and website for agency information regarding government shutdown
Dear Research Community,
Regarding the upcoming October 5th NIH R01 deadline – the eRA Commons is not accepting applications, please see excerpt below from today’s NIH notice:

For the duration of the funding lapse, applicants are strongly encouraged not to submit paper or electronic grant applications to NIH during the period of the lapse.  Adjustments to application submission dates that occur during the funding lapse will be announced once operations resume.  For any applications submitted immediately prior to or during the funding lapse, here is what will happen.
1.      For electronic submissions through will be open and can accept electronic applications.  However, applications will not be processed by NIH until the eRA Systems are back on-line.  NIH will ensure that all applications submitted within the two business days before or during the funding lapse will receive the full viewing window once the systems are back on-line.  
2.      For electronic submission of multi-project applications through NIH’s ASSIST system: The ASISST system will not be available until NIH systems are back on-line.
3.      Paper Submissions: Staff will not be available to receive paper applications during a funding lapse. 
The safest course is to wait to submit any application to NIH until after operations resume and a Notice in the NIH Guide concerning adjusted submission dates is posted.
The Office for Vice President for Research and Economic Development is posting federal agency updates and general budget announcements at as we receive them.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns regarding the impact of a temporary government shutdown on grants and contracts in your college.
Thank you.
Jennifer Lassner
Executive Director
Division of Sponsored Programs