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The University of Iowa strives to provide a high-quality educational experience for its students. Participation in research and scholarly activities represents an opportunity, uniquely available at research universities, to enhance the overall undergraduate experience. The Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU) Research Fellows Program encourages the direct involvement of undergraduate students in the scholarly efforts of faculty by providing financial support for a student involved in research or creative work.


Faculty and staff members in all disciplines are encouraged to consider involving an undergraduate in their research and creative projects.  Applications that seek to involve students in intellectual scholarly work, experimental and laboratory-based research, and/or creative work in the arts are eligible. Applications that fully engage the student in the work, from contemplation of the work, through analysis and presentation of results, are of most interest. Work that can lead to an honors thesis, publication, exhibition, performance, or other forms of recognition for the student is encouraged and is given high priority. Applications that involve a student in only a limited aspect of a project, such as retrieving references or assaying samples, will not receive priority but may be funded. Regular opportunities for the student to interact with and be mentored by the sponsoring faculty or staff member are crucial in all cases.


The ICRU Research Fellows Program is a student support award.  The award must be used to pay for involvement of the student and is not meant as a prize, honor, or reward for work already completed. No supply money is available for this award.  Students are provided a scholarship of $2,000 for academic year and work about 10 hours per week.  Students are provided $2,500 for the summer and work about 20 hours per week.  Applications for academic year and summer awards are separate – one application will not suffice for both opportunities. 


All Faculty or Professional and Scientific Staff are eligible to apply for this program, including those that have supported an undergraduate through ICRU awards during the previous semesters. 

  • Only University of Iowa undergraduates registered as full-time, degree seeking students with at least a 3.0 GPA may be supported through these awards. 
  • Only one ICRU Fellows application per faculty member per academic year or summer will be awarded and students may only be supported by one ICRU award per semester.
  • Please note - this award is for a specific faculty/staff member to work on a specific project with a specific student.   If either the student or faculty/staff member is not able or willing to continue with the proposed project, the award will be forfeited.  Changing of students or projects will not be permitted.

Application Guidelines

All applications and materials must be submitted by the Principle Investigator via an online form found on the ICRU website.  *All application materials must be submitted in one session.*
It is advisable that the application questions, as described below, be cut and pasted into the text boxes provided in the web form (both for ease of submission and to keep for the submitter’s records).  
All parts of the application should be written for an audience of professionals outside of the investigator's field of study and should be kept to the maximum number of words indicated. 

To be prepared by the Principal Investigator:

  1. Principal Investigator and Student Information
  • PI will need to know the student’s 8-digit University ID number, university email address, major department and anticipated graduate year.
  1. Project title and abstract (max. 300 words)
  2. Provide a short descriptive summary of your research or creative work (max. 200 words)
  3. Highlight your experience as a mentor of undergraduate research (max. 150 words)
  4. Student Recruitment and Selection (max. 300 words)
  • Identify the specific student to be supported as an ICRU Fellow.
  • How/why was this specific student selected for the project?
  • How will the involvement benefit the student; this may include the opportunity to graduate with honors and preparation for graduate or professional work?
  1. Form and Nature of Student Involvement (max. 300 words)
  • Describe the work that the student will perform.
  • Describe the level of the student’s involvement in the overall project; how will the student be integrated into all aspects of the work.
  • What interaction will the student have with the principal investigator and any other project personnel?
  • Provide a timeline for the work, showing as appropriate the student’s preparation, involvement, and follow-up activities.
To be prepared by the Student to be supported: (but submitted as a PDF by the PI):
  1. Student Goals Statement prepared as a PDF document  (max. 300 words) 
  • Why do you want to participate in this research/creative project?
  • How will participation in the ICRU Research Fellows Program help you to further your academic/career goals?


 Review Criteria

The peer review of proposals will assess:

  • Existence of a suitable context for involvement of an undergraduate in a research project or scholarly activity.
  • Prospect for a meaningful student experience. Upon completion of its review, the committee will submit recommendations to the director of the Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates, who will make final award decisions.

Accepting the Award and Reporting Requirements

  • Prior to funding being disbursed, faculty and students must complete a research agreement form.  More information will be provided if you are selected for funding.
  • Students supported as ICRU Fellows are required to complete one or more questionnaires sent to them by the ICRU office.  These questionnaires will assess their experience as an undergraduate researcher and ICRU Research Fellow and are considered part of the funding agreement. 
  • Students are required to present their work at either the Fall or Spring Undergraduate Research Festival (or both).   ICRU Fellows are also invited to apply for the Research in the Capitol event held in mid-spring each year. More information about these presentation opportunities is available on the ICRU website
Please contact ICRU staff: