By: Shaina Tromp

Denisse Rauda
Denisse Rauda, a participant of the 2014 Dev/Iowa Bootcamp, has taken her newfound skills overseas to Fussa, Japan, where she currently works for the news outlet Stars and Stripes.  Rauda’s web producer position consists of managing the organization’s websites and social media accounts.

With a degree in journalism and an emphasis on newsprint from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), Rauda had to make a transition into a rising digital world after graduation.      

“I’ve been working with websites for five years since I graduated in 2009,” Rauda said.  “I enjoyed using HTML and CSS when I got the chance to use them, so I figured Dev/Iowa would be a good opportunity to fully immerse myself in learning the coding language.” 

Rauda discovered the Dev/Iowa program while browsing Twitter one afternoon.  Rauda saw the class as a chance to improve her knowledge of coding.  “I wanted to commit to the learning and make sure I fully grasped what was being shown to me,” Rauda said.  “Having the support of the instructors worked out great and was excellent.” 

Since finishing the boot camp, Rauda works to stay in touch with the community she left behind. “I am still friends with a lot of people in the class, and I still keep up to date with the community even though I’m no longer in Iowa,” Rauda said.  “I feel like I’m a part of it even though I’m not there in person.”

In the future, Rauda hopes to use her skills to supplement her love of journalism and find a job that incorporates both.  For people considering taking a Dev/Iowa course in the future, Rauda says not to get discouraged.  “Be ready to feel like you don’t know anything, but that’s actually a good thing.  You start from the bottom and work to the top. You’ll just keep adding skills to what you’ve already learned.”