Earlier this year the Pentacrest Museums and Office of the State Archaeologist launched the University of Iowa Mobile Museum, a 38-foot RV housing object-based physical exhibits and digital touchscreen stations.  The Museum travels throughout Iowa for public engagement and education events. This year's venues included the Iowa State Fair, RAGBRAI, county fairs, and school and library presentations, among many others.  In its first six months the Mobile Museum reached over 30,000 visitors in 36 counties in Iowa, and we expect these numbers to increase each year. 

university of iowa mobile museum

Call for Participation

The Museum presents an excellent forum to highlight the broader impacts of research and engage with people across the state of Iowa. At this time we invite faculty and staff to participate in the development of Mobile Museum exhibits for 2015. 

Proposals are due by November 1st. 

If you have questions about this opportunity, please contact J.C. Gillett, Mobile Museum Educator, at jeffrey-gillett@uiowa.edu