Clare John Fairfield, Chairman of the Venture Capital Institute, will deliver a talk titled "Pulling Back the VC Curtain: An honest look at how the venture capital industry really works" on Tuesday, May 26 at Noon in C44-A GH

Topics will include:

  • How venture capital firms get paid;
  • How venture capital firms operate and evaluate investment opportunities;
  • How venture capital firms structure investments;
  • How venture capital firms manage investments;
  • The challenges of raising venture capital investment;
  • The challenges of raising venture capital outside of Boston & Silicon Valley; and
  • Any other topics of Interest


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About the Speaker

Clare Fairfield
Mr. Fairfield is the Chairman of the Venture Capital Institute, a global venture capital and innovation development organization, and a founding General Partner and Managing Director of Concerto Venture Partners, a diversified early-stage venture investment and advisory firm. He has over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, including developing and operating venture funds, founding and operating companies, developing nationally recognized research university entrepreneurial programs, and leading innovation ecosystem development programs in the US and globally. Read more the on the EventBrite webpage.