University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty Blaine Greteman of the Department of English and Jennifer Iverson of the School of Music have been selected to receive Stanford Humanities Center External Faculty Fellowships for 2015-2016.

The selection committee for the award, one of the most prestigious and competitive in the nation, gave just 10 fellowships this year.

The fellowship will fund a year of scholarly work for Greteman and Iverson, both assistant professors.

Iverson is working on a book titled Electronic Inspirations: The WDR Studio and Musical Thought at Mid-Century, which focuses on the impact of the WDR studio in Cologne, Germany, one of the first and most important post-war electronic music studios, in the 1950s and 1960s. Iverson uses analysis and research to show how electronic music techniques, concepts, and problems made their way into acoustic music and shaped the course of mid-century European avant-garde.

“More and more, I find that feedback on my writing and my ideas from those trained in the humanities, but not necessarily in musicology, is extremely insightful and valuable,” Iverson said. “All of this helps scholars move out of their disciplinary silos and will help my work appeal in a public humanities framework to general readers as well as to humanities scholars writ large.”


Greteman’s work centers on reconstructing the social networks of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. His research is related to an online tool, called “Shakeosphere,” that he helped develop with informatics expert David Eichmann, an associate professor in and director of the UI School of Library and Information Science. Shakeosphere shows how books created networks of authors, printers, publishers, and booksellers, and Greteman’s book explores the way these networks changed, expanded, and shaped literature during the 17th Century and are still shaping our concepts of ourselves as humans today.

“I’m incredibly excited,” Greteman said. “It will be a fantastic opportunity for me to work on my second book and bring new ideas back to my students and my classes. I think it is also wonderful that the University of Iowa is supporting faculty in these kinds of applications and that our humanities research is being recognized as among the best in the nation.”

Greteman and Iverson are preceded by Marquis Berrey, a professor in the University of Iowa Department of Classics, who is a current Stanford fellow this year.

By Anne Easker