Are you interested in learning about evidence-based principles that can be adopted into team effectiveness? Grant funding agencies are increasingly requiring researchers to incorporate plans for creating and leading transdisciplinary teams. Join us virtually for a four-part series to learn about team science and how to incorporate the concepts into the success of your grant proposals.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) defines team science as “collaborative efforts to address a scientific challenge that leverages the strengths and expertise of professionals trained in different fields". The overall objective of the series is to provide investigators with knowledge and skills for improving the integration of team science principles into the process of obtaining and carrying out research grants.

Session Descriptions

Sessions will be presented by Dr. Greg Stewart (Associate Director for Team Science, Institute for Clinical and Translational Science; Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship, Tippie College of Business).

Session 1: Team Science Overview

This session will provide an overview of team science concepts, including the presentation of a model that serves as a framework for thinking about teams. Balancing the need for planning with the need for action will also be explored as a method for building long-term effectiveness in teams.

When: Tuesday, March 23 @ 3pm-4pm

Session 2: Choosing Your Team

This session focuses on identifying ways to assure that you get the right people on the team. Different aspects of team member fit will be discussed, with an emphasis on providing a perspective for assessing both whether the team is likely to have the needed inputs and whether team members are likely to be compatible.

When: Tuesday, April 6 @ 3pm-4pm

Session 3: Team Coordination

This session focuses on balancing the need for team members to provide unique inputs with the need to develop shared understanding. Ideas for better coordinating team members and reducing conflict will be emphasized.

When: Tuesday, April 20 @ 3pm-4pm

Session 4: Developing Team Leadership

This session provides cutting-edge insight about team leadership. A particular emphasis is on developing shared rather than hierarchical leadership within teams.

When: Tuesday, May 4 @ 3pm-4pm


Individuals or teams


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Learning will be maximized by participating in all four sessions, but you may also plan to only attend the sessions that most interest you. Sessions are also designed to be particularly beneficial when members of a team can attend together.


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Sponsored by:
The Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, The Tippie College of Business Leadership Collaborative, and the Research Development Office

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