The Office of the Vice President for Research is committed to forging new frontiers of discovery by providing resources and support to researchers and innovators at the University of Iowa, to promote a culture of creativity that enriches the campus, the state, and the world. 



We are committed to fostering research at the highest level by championing creative ideas and promoting the spirit of discovery. Scholars, researchers, artists, entrepreneurs and students from every background must be connected to the resources that empower them to generate new ideas, develop new technologies, create art and music, write books and articles, and disseminate the products of  their research to serve the greatest good. 
Our commitment to the culture of learning supports student scholarship at the  undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels. The integration of research  into the classroom at all levels defines the University of Iowa as a top tier academic environment. We serve the university community best by infusing teaching with the fresh ideas, new perspectives, and multicultural viewpoints that are the products of our research and that will lead to future innovations. 
We are committed to improving the quality of life in Iowa through a sustainable cycle of research and creative activity. Our research makes Iowa a healthier, more prosperous, and attractive place to live. We must continue to ensure that every dollar invested in research multiplies significantly to raise the standard of  living for all Iowans.  
Our commitment to the State of Iowa recognizes its contributions to the nation and the world. We will continue to disseminate University of Iowa research to the global marketplace, even as we bring the world’s diversity to Iowa.