University Policies and Procedures

Access to Research Information - UI Operations Manual policy for public access to research information.

Administrative Surveys and Questionnaires - UI Operations Manual policy on the use of surveys and questionnaires in research.

Advance Accounts - If your grant or contract will be awarded soon, you can request an advance account and purchase items in advance of the award date.

Assurances - A brief description of the assurances and certifications that apply to most federal grants.

Centers Policy - How a research project becomes a designated UI research center.

Corporate and Industry Sponsored Projects Policy - Governing policy for the management of corporate and industry sponsored projects.

Cost Sharing - Forms and procedures for both equipment and non-equipment cost sharing.

Employment on Grants and Contracts Administered by the University of Iowa - See section 17.17.(4) of the UI Operations Manual for policies governing the employment of UI faculty and staff on externally funded projects.

Ethics in Research - UI Operations Manual policy on ethics in research.

Intellectual Property Policy - UI Operations Manual policy on the ownership of intellectual property.

Patent Policy - UI Operations Manual policy on the ownership of ideas, inventions, and discoveries resulting from the activities of UI faculty, staff, and students.


Post-Award Administration

Common administrative activities that take place after a grant or contract has been awarded.

Change of Effort - See OMB Circular A-110, section 25(c)(3) for policies mandating prior approval of any change in PI effort over 25 percent.

Project Management Responsibilities - Responsibilities of PI's, DEO's, deans, DSP, and Grant Accounting.

Transfer of Equipment - UI Operations Manual policy on the transfer of equipment with a grant.

Transfer of Grant / Change of Project Director - UI Operations Manual procedure for grant transfers and changes of PI.

Other Project Changes - See SPLAT, section 20, for policies and procedures governing other types of post-award project changes.

Recharge Center Policy, Procedures and Instructions - Recharge Centers are established for the purpose of providing goods and services to University customers. These policies describe the process for establishing and operating recharge centers.

Research Suitability - UI Operations Manual principles for determining the suitability of research conducted at the UI.

Supplemental (Extra) Compensation - UI Operations Manual policy on supplemental compensation of UI employees.

Who can be a principal investigator? - See SPLAT, section 2F, for UI policy regulating who may apply for grants and contracts as a PI.


State of Iowa Regulations Governing Sponsored Research

Code of Iowa

Iowa Administrative Bulletin


Federal Regulations Governing Sponsored Projects

CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) - A collection of the general and permanent rules of the executive departments and agencies of the federal government.

FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations)

OMB (Office of Management and Budget) Circulars - Policies and procedures for grants and contracts that are used by the federal government and organizations that receive federal funds.

USC (United States Code)

Federal Register - A daily listing of federal agency announcements, including grant opportunities, proposed federal regulations, and other important information.