Conflict of interest (COI) in research exists when a researcher has a significant financial interest that could compromise the design, conduct, or reporting of a research project. A “significant financial interest” means anything of monetary value that is related to the research, including such things as receiving personal income from the sponsor of the research, owning stock in the sponsoring company, or earning royalty income related to intellectual property used in the research.

Federal regulations, developed under the Department of Health and Human Services, are aimed at promoting objectivity in research. The University of Iowa’s policy on COI in research is based on these regulations and is intended to minimize adverse effects of COI by requiring researchers to disclose significant financial interests and to follow written plans that have been developed to mitigate, manage, or if necessary, eliminate the conflicts. 


Contact Information:

The Conflict of Interest in Research Office serves as the point of contact for questions about financial interests related to research and provides administrative support for the UI Conflict of Interest in Research Committee. Visit their website here.

Martha Hedberg, Coordinator / 384.4256;