What are Biosciences Initiative (BSI) start-up funds?

Funding is available to departments in the biosciences through the Biosciences Initiative (BSI) to supplement existing collegiate/departmental funds to create competitive start-up packages for new faculty hires.  This year's program will be related to translational research and proposals and all requests for BSI funding must demonstrate linkages to one or more of the key function areas in the UI Clinical Science and Translation Award (CTSA).  Contact the CTSA or  Richard Hichwa, Senior Associate Vice President for Research, for specific information about the key function areas and other aspects of the CTSA.

When requesting start-up funds, the following materials MUST be submitted:

  • Letter from the DEO requesting support, including:
  • Budget information detailing existing commitments to the start-up package from department, college, and other sources, as well as the specific request made for BSI funds based upon relevance of the research to the biosciences.
  • Separate letter from the Dean/Associate Dean for Research indicating overall collegiate enthusiasm for the request.
  • Information about the specific research direction and research plan for the individual and defined linkage with one of the key function areas in the CTSA.
  • Recruit's resume.
  • Letters of recommendation that accompany the normal recruitment process.

Start-up requests should be sent to:

Richard Hichwa
Senior Associate Vice President for Research
201 Gilmore Hall