IT boot camps, business education & entrepreneurship training

IT boot camps: Hands-on, intensive training programs in software and IT tools to meet business needs

  • New skill development and skill refresh for existing workforce
  • Partnerships with companies to meet their workforce needs


Business education: Seminars in technology, innovation and business strategy

  • Assisting companies to compete in a global marketplace


Entrepreneurship training: Training and technical support for new products and applications

  • Targeting new venture formation by entrepreneurs
  • Creating new products/services by existing companies



Engaging the university:

Fostering innovative collaborations across Iowa

R&D collaborations:  Onsite/on-campus partnerships to develop innovative products and services for the marketplace

  • Example: Company technical staff working with engagement center team and University of Iowa faculty to analyze data and identify solutions for manufactured part failures and design improvements


Student engagement: Connecting students to Iowa companies for experiential learning and internships 

  • Example: UI faculty/student team working with an entrepreneur to develop a strategic marketing plan for launching their new software application in the market


Engagement centers:

A key addition to the statewide economic development ecosystem

Engagement Centers


Annual outcomes: accountability matters

At a minimum, each regional engagement center will 

  • Assist 25 local companies 
  • Offer 2 IT boot camps for workforce training and skills refresh
  • Deliver 2 entrepreneurial training programs 
  • Engage 25 student interns with local companies
  • Establish 3 University of Iowa faculty engagements with local businesses and communities


We will assess the performance of the program annually

  • Consulting with community and business leaders
  • Working with state and regional economic development groups
  • Reporting to the Regents


To compete, Iowans must work together

Public universities, community colleges and businesses must form engaged partnerships  to foster economic growth and job creation

  • Collaborate with businesses to solve real world problems
    • Defining success by business and economic value
  • Leverage public-private partnerships to drive innovation
    • Translating new insights and ideas into practice
  • Educate and train Iowans to fill the workforce gap
    • Meeting current and future needs
  • Enhance student internship and employment opportunities
    • Exposing students to Iowa opportunities
  • Retain talent in Iowa
    • Aiding Iowa businesses and communities


Together, we can grow the Iowa economy

  • Businesses across Iowa have asked the University for IT and entrepreneurship assistance
  • Students working at Iowa businesses while in school are more likely to seek employment or start companies in Iowa after graduation
  • The University of Iowa is committed to providing its unique talent, training & technology to help Iowa businesses innovate, grow and compete in the global economy
  • A statewide network of Engagement Centers would serve as a public good to grow the Iowa economy through public-private partnerships
  • We are asking for your support to enable The University of Iowa to play an active, hands-on role in serving the small business community, the state and the citizens of Iowa