Teresa Mangum
Director, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies

Teresa Mangum

Teresa Mangum is Director of the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies and associate professor of English.  She is the author of Married, Middle-brow, and Militant: Sarah Grand and the New Woman Novel (1998) and numerous articles and book chapters on the ways that nineteenth-century British novels shaped readers’ understanding of women, of late life, and of connections between humans and other animals.  She has also published on current issues: publicly engaged pedagogy, the place of service in an academic career, and graduate student placement.  Mangum founded and co-directed the Obermann Graduate Institute on Engagement and the Academy, co-organized an Obermann Summer Research Seminar on age studies, co-directed a Cmiel Research Semester on human-animal relations, and hosted the 2009 Obermann Humanities Symposium: “Platforms for Public Scholars.”  She has received the UI President and Provost Award for Teaching Excellence, the UI Brody Award for Service to the university and state of Iowa, a Faculty Scholar Award, an Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship, and the 2010 Biennial Award for Contributions to the Study of British Women Writers.


Areas of Responsibility:

  • Promote programs and scholars of the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies
  • Advance art, research, and scholarship of UI faculty and graduate students through Obermann Center grants and awards programs
  • Build support for the arts, humanities, and social sciences by coordinating resources and activities on campus; fostering partnerships on campus and beyond; and collaborating on grant proposals and other funding initiatives
  • Advise faculty members seeking partners for interdisciplinary research projects
  • Assist faculty and graduate students with publicly engaged creative and scholarly projects
  • Collaborate with current and retired faculty and graduate students on grants and other endeavors that enrich opportunities at the Obermann Center
  • Share the discoveries of UI faculty and graduate artists, scholars, and researchers with Iowans and with national and international friends and supporters 

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