Do you want to blaze a trail to obtain Department of Defense (DoD) funding for your research? If so, let Travis Klopfenstein (Business Development Manager, Center for Computer-Aided Design [CCAD]) serve as your trail guide with a presentation on obtaining DoD funding. With a background in higher education, the US Air Force, and Rockwell Collins, Travis brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to campus for capturing DoD funding.


DATE/TIME: Wednesday, December 5 from 12pm-1pm

LOCATION: 2520-D University Capitol Centre

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Federal Funding for Science and Technology

The Federal Government provides Research and Development (R&D) funding through many federal agencies, and the FY19 budget includes $60B for Defense and $63B for NonDefense.  For just Science and Technology (S&T) research (Basic, Applied and Advanced Technology Development [ADT]) only 3 agencies had budgets over $10B:

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) ($37B)
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) ($20B)
  • Department of Defense (DoD) ($16B) 
    • DoD spends half of its basic research budget at universities
    • DoD Fy18 budget includes $16B in Basic, Applied and ADT
    • DoD will have nearly $8B in funding for Basic and Applied Research.


Trail Guide Presentation Overview

During this information session, Travis will provide a “Trail Guide” for discovering and capturing research funding from the DOD, the third largest provider of S&T research funding. During this “Trail Guide” presentation, Travis will describe:

  • A “new” contract vehicle dedicated to non-traditional defense contractors like universities: the OTA
  • How Defense “Consortiums” work with the OTAs, and why universities are now in a great position
  • How the Navy, Air Force, and Army Research Labs are organized, and how to find your counterpart
  • How DoD releases their requests for funding (BAAs, RFIs, RWPs, RFPs)
  • The process to winning a contract with DoD


About Travis Klopfenstein (Center for Computer-Aided Design)

Travis Klopfenstein connects innovation to real world challenges. For the past 12 years, Travis worked at Rockwell Collins as both a programs manager and business development manager. As a customer-facing programs manager Travis was responsible for the annual pursuit and capture of Advanced Technology research programs valued over $20M, and as an execution program manager Travis managed multi-year, multi-million dollar Solider System programs with a staff of over 40 engineers. Travis is a veteran of the US Air Force with two combat deployments. Travis worked closely with coalition and host nation units controlling air power and providing security for establishment of peace accords in small villages throughout northeastern Afghanistan and Al Anbar province in Iraq. Most recently, Travis completed his MBA from Creighton University.


Travis also worked in the Simulation and Training industry as a Business Development Manager responsible for introducing new Virtual Reality simulation and training product lines to domestic and international customers. Countries such as Poland, Australia, Belgium, England, and Canada invited Travis to conduct training and presentations of emerging Simulation technology.


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