The Licensing Process

Our Process

1. Technology Selection
Please investigate the pool of University technologies in our Available Technologies section. The technologies are organized by scientific category and are all currently available for licensing. If you desire additional assistance, contact us directly to set up a meeting and review your needs.

2. Request for More Information
If you locate a technology of interest, we can provide additional information to help you evaluate the technology. There may be publicly available information we can provide immediately or in some cases, we may need to execute a Confidential Disclosure Agreement with you in order to provide non-public information, or to provide you with access to the inventor for further technical and scientific information.

3. Further Research
For certain technologies, you might desire to conduct research or testing to further evaluate the technology. We will consider an Option Agreement for appropriate circumstances that will provide you a limited time to further review the technology, and if necessary, conduct additional testing and research.

4. Licensing Agreement
If you are interested in licensing a technology, we will work together to explore a potential licensing agreement. A template licensing agreement is available to provide background and examples of what we look for from our partners. We also discuss some of the primary aspects of our agreements on the Licensing details page.

5. Product Development and Sales Our licensing agreements will require diligent development of the selected technology. This requirement, coupled with the fact that most licensing agreements include some type of royalty or developmental phase revenue payments to the UIRF, assures that the relationship between the two parties is an ongoing one as both parties work together to ensure a technology’s future success.

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