Invention Disclosure Instructions for Inventors

WHEN do you submit an invention disclosure?

  • Submit invention disclosures well in advance of any anticipated publication or presentation as public disclosure eliminates foreign patent rights and may create complications for US patent rights
  • The US PTO generally presumes utility (usefulness) of an invention and does not require actual proof that an invention works. However, you may be required to provide supporting data or other results in order for the patent to be allowed. This is likely to occur when there is a rational basis that would cast doubt on the utility of your proposed invention. To support patent claims directed to the treatment of human disease - in vitro and/or animal test data will be necessary
  • For innovations in hot research areas where others are vying for first publication or a competitive position, it’s best to submit early. The US operates on first to invent, whereas elsewhere it’s first to file, so the application filing date can make a huge difference in the commercial opportunity

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Is your work potentially PATENTABLE?

In order to be patentable, an invention must be:

  1. a. Useful
  2. b. Novel, and
  3. c. Non-obvious to those skilled in the field

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What INFORMATION should be included in a disclosure?

  • Complete description of the invention
  • Current state of the invention- explain development stage - what has and hasn’t been done
  • Potential interest for and uses of the technology- industries, markets, companies, government
  • Important invention dates- date of discovery, dates of publication or public disclosure
  • Research sponsors
  • All contributors to the invention
  • Witnessed signatures of all UI inventors

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HOW and to WHOM do you submit an invention disclosure?

Invention disclosures can be downloaded from the Forms & Sample Agreements page.

Submit completed invention disclosure forms by mail or email to our offices at:

UIRF 319-335-4546

The University of Iowa Research Foundation
2660 University Capitol Centre
Iowa City, IA 52245-5500

Questions may be directed to one of the contacts listed below. Prior to submission, please review the Inventor Process page to ensure the invention disclosure includes all needed information.

For invention disclosure or patent questions from faculty already working with us please contact your case manager:

Zev Sunleaf 319-335-4155

Shannon Sheehan 319-335-4605

Catherine Koh 319-335-4659

Sean Kim 319-335-4607

Kellen Sensor 319-335-4073

For questions from new inventors, please contact:

Zev Sunleaf 319-335-4155 Executive Director

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