Quick Links for Inventors

For repeat inventors, contact your case manager to submit new technologies. Contact Us

For new inventors, the UIRF works with faculty, staff, and students to develop, protect and commercialize UI intellectual property. We’re passionate about bringing innovations out of the lab and into the marketplace, and value the opportunity to discuss your ideas, innovations and new research directions.

For a quick overview, see Inventor Instructions which address:

To discuss your innovations, please contact a UIRF staff member, call the main line at 319-335-4546 or email us at the UIRF.

For more information regarding intellectual property and UIRF processes for handling intellectual property, chose topics from the links below:

  • Intellectual Property Basics: Information and links expanding on what defines intellectual property, and the advantages of university owned IP.
  • Ensuring IP Protection: If you have an idea or technology that needs protection, this section details the appropriate steps to take.
  • Inventor Process: This section outlines how you’ll be involved in the technology transfer process and can help in protecting and developing your intellectual property.
  • IP Review Process: The 4 major criteria the UIRF uses in evaluating and assessing your invention for commercialization are identified and explained here.
  • Commercialization Process: This segment details the UIRF’s commercialization process from receiving an invention disclosure to the potential licensing of the invention/discovery to an existing company, existing startup, or a new UI spinout company.
  • Funding Opportunities: Ideas or inventions often require additional funding to reach critical milestones that would be required to attract external partners. This section discusses UI funding for concept development.
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