The UIRF is applying advanced venture practices to expand its portfolio of spinout companies, and intends to further capitalize on an extensive intellectual property base that generated $15M in licensing revenues FY06.

The UIRF currently has ~ 800 technologies in the portfolio, and about a half dozen forming or formed new companies. The portfolio is weighted toward human life sciences, drug development and delivery, and medical devices given the prominent University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and the UI Carver College of Medicine. Extensive expertise exists in other areas, including virtual reality, modeling and simulation, thin films and semiconductors, bio-processing, advanced materials, and instrumentation.

A dedicated internal business development team with experienced entrepreneurs is in place for identifying and developing early stage companies. The UIRF seeks capital sources and partners oriented toward the development of these early stage companies. Given the challenges of these endeavors and the importance of highly productive teaming, we anticipate reciprocal due diligence as part of the partnering process.

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