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Wireless Network-based Microwave Tomography for Security Monitoring Systems

An imaging system which can utilize existing wireless systems to detect and visualize the physical presence of any object lying within the range of the netowork.
UIRF Case #:07072

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Cover MB, Kanukurthy K, Andersen DR. Microwave Tomography Using Dynamic 802.15.4 Wireless Networks. Proc. IEEE Electro/Information Technology Conference, Chicago IL, May 17-20, 2007.

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Researchers at the University of Iowa have developed a system and method for microwave tomography that can be used for imaging objects on a large scale, primarily by 802.15.4 wireless networks. This technology establishes a new application for which existing or newly established wireless networks can be used to create an imaging system for reliable detection of vision-restricted objects. By analyzing the variation in signal strength due to the presence of physical objects reflecting or interfering with the wireless network communication signal, phantom images can be generated by a computed tomographic algorithm.

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Sean Kim