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A Thiazolidinethione Indene-based Chiral Auxiliary for the Creation of Stereoselective Products

This chiral auxiliary can be used for both propionate and acetate aldol additions.
UIRF Case #:08031

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Relevant Publications

Osorio-Lozada A, Olivo HF. Indene-based thiazolidinethione chiral auxiliary for propionate and acetate aldol additions. Org Lett. 2008 Feb 21;10(4):617-20.

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General: Experimental Proof of Concept

Technology Description

Researchers at the University of Iowa have developed a new chiral auxiliary which can be used in both propionate and acetate aldol stereoselective reactions. This technology utilizes a thiazolidinethione indene-based chiral auxiliary, which can be synthesized from commercially-available starting materials. Studies have demonstrated that the rigidity and nature of this chiral auxiliary promise to deliver high diastereoselectivities in aldol reactions and crystalline products.

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Sean Kim