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Asthma Treatment by Inhibition of CaMKII

Calcium/Calmodulin Dependent Protein Kinase II (CamKII) has been shown to play a role in contraction of smooth muscle in various locations throughout the body.
UIRF Case #:09008

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Researchers at the University of Iowa have identified novel compounds that may be used to reverse the smooth muscle constriction and inflammation of asthma by inhibiting CaMKII signaling. CaMKII has several roles in the body including pro-constriction signaling in smooth muscle cells in the airway and other tissue types. The small molecule KN-93 as well as aryl-indoyl maleimide and several derivatives of each have been shown to inhibit CamKII-delta, which appears to be the primary isoform responsible for this activity. Inhalation of these compounds, which is the typical administration route for asthma therapeutics, could be an effective therapeutic option for patients suffering from asthma symptoms.

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